The Top Eye Catching World Product Packaging Trends 2019

The Top Eye Catching World Product Packaging Trends 2019

2019-12-13 11:55:19

When you are a product manufacturer in the developed world, you will definitely know that there is a selling force behind products that many times supersedes the quality of the product especially when a product is introduced or rebranded. This selling force is packaging. Product packaging creates the impression of your product in the minds of the consumer that develops into a brand image that the marketers should be aware of when they devise future marketing strategies.

The packaging is the point of contact between your brand and the interaction of the consumers, it is something that every product producer has to cherish. When the packaging strategy is showing its magic, people are looking at your product, it’s catching their eyes out of the blue, they like to touch it, pause and take a look at and ultimately put in their cart and take home. If the shoppers are interacting with it but they are not putting the product in their cart and taking it home then most probably there is something wrong in the packaging of the product.  

Every industry in the world follows trends. When there is something that becomes a social hit and everyone is buying it or using it. From fashion to the automobiles everything in its, shape, size, design and appearance in at the mercy of trends. The packaging is no exception – like every niche, the trends change into something new and as we go through the year 2019.

The Minimalist Design 

Minimalism is gaining momentum in different industries where design is a vital feature and packaging also has become a part of this movement. The minimalist approach in packaging designs focuses the attention of a designer to come up with packaging designs that are minimum in the detail that is put in the packaging descriptions, label, tags and most importantly the packaging material. If done properly the product in its packaging can become highly attention grabbing and can be a real breakthrough as far as the sales of such a product is concerned. Two words that elaborate the minimalistic approach are "simple" and "clear." Of course, you might be coming upwith other synonyms.

Think of a beauty product that is “uncluttered”, “scanty” and “clean” can make a true difference in the appearance of a product. 

Transparent Product Packaging

Transparent packaging is gaining grounds in food industries and every other sphere of manufacturing where the consumer is not just interested in the label of the product. They pick the product and take a look at it, they want to feel it and see through the packaging before they make their most important decision to the marketers of that product – the “buy decision.”

The beverages industry uses transparent packaging and the trend is alive and vibrant for ages. Similarly, you will come across a host of bottled and jarred products that are made with glass or see-through plastic. These product packaging may look or sound classy since ages but the trend does not seem to die at all as the consumes loves them as ever before.

Contrasting Color Product Packaging

Product packaging with high contrast like white and red or black and white also seen as a domineering trend. The beauty of these colors and the colors like these have been used throughout the centuries but the marketers and product package designing teams are artfully incorporating them in many product packaging that is appearing on the shelves of supermarkets and superstores in the neighborhood. Contrasting colors are usually versatile and powerful in evoking feelings and engraving an impression. The other two important factors behind product design.

The Vintage Approach

Vintage is a historical design followed in product packaging and label designs that are revived in modern looks of products. A unique marketing strategy can be devised to sell a product wrapped and packed in vintage designed custom boxes with logo for products that are expensive to make and sell such as exotic cigars and rare drinks or even expensive perfumes. There is a huge generation of people that can slip into a nostalgia-fueled by movies from the '40s and '50s by looking at products packaged with vintage designs and they have the money and resources to become buyers.

Eco-friendly and Green packaging Designs

The message to have a greener Earth is not an obscure reality anymore. More and more people are standing up shoulder to shoulder to become a part of what is now one of the most vibrant communities in the world to save the world from an ecological disaster. As this movement gains traction, the markets, businesses, and industries are straining their every nerve to come up with solutions to minimize their ecological footprint making products that come in environmentally friendly. If you are a manufacturer of a product that does not fall in this context that it is high time to ride this trend from every perspective such as ethical, business marketing or intellectual, etc. Businesses who have succeeded in coming up with products that are more environmentally safe than before proudly reveal this fact in the designs of their product packaging and it is a great selling factor.

Unusual and Weird Package Graphics

There is no shortage of people who are playful and childish behavior. It is not a bad thing to be children have some very unique qualities, they are very curious just like great scientists and poets. If your customer base is made up of people that are somewhat childish than experimenting with unusual and weird packaging can become a blast in selling. It is actually a complete trend in its own right where companies seek artists that can design the products that are heavy in weird graphics for display.

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