The Jolly Gable Boxes for Food Packaging

The Jolly Gable Boxes for Food Packaging

2020-11-20 07:02:49

There was a time when fast food industry was taking over the world. People everywhere were getting familiar with this new method of life. Where they only have to wait for a few minutes to get their order, it was an exciting new time. The marketing industry was rising quickly. Thinking up of new methods to increase sales and profit for the business. The face of everyday life was changing and the old methods of business turning in new ones. Amidst all this hustle and bustle the main franchise launched a design that gain a popularity unlike any other. The great happy meal, the target audience for this market kids become obsessed with the small toys that comes with in the compact Gable Boxes. It was a perfect design for kids. It was secure from all corners, it looked happy and it had enough space to carry meal and the toys that the kids were so fond of. After this campaign this type of packaging becomes very popular in food sections and fast food business. Many small time owners tried to copy the trademark style and it is still a successful trick to get the kids and their parents walk into a restaurant.

Branded boxes- The Best Marketing tool

hen it comes to marketing a product the advertisers are all about creating a whole new brand identity. In the beginning the fast food industry was all about catering to the needs of young adults and parents. After some time, the marketers realized that parents cannot resist going to a restaurant that their kids prefer. While parents are having their food, their children need some type of distraction. This type of ballooned packaging was an ideal style to give children the liberty of handling their food. There was enough space left in it for a trade mark toy to give children something to play with.

It is not wrong to say that the cover styles played an important role in making the campaign successful. Parents also prefer to go to places that their children have been nagging about. They can have a meal in peace while their children were playing with their toys. On the other hand, the children feel like grownups by having the liberty to carry their meals with them. The manufacturers do not have to waste any more money to make the order to go. The design allowed the meal to be eaten at the spot or taken away for later. It was also possible to make an order from the take out or drive through option. One box gave so many uses.

Trend of using unique packaging

Over the years, the toys kept changing however, the size of the happy meal cover had no major changes. The same dimensions had ample space to sport different types of toys within. The big wigs of the children’s toy industry signed contracts with the fast food industry and provided the limited edition never before seen toys in a happy meal to promote their upcoming movies. The children wanted to watch the latest animations and get their limited edition toys at the same day. The parents who were going to have the meal outside anyways were only happy to comply with the requests of their children because they want to eat in silence and peace for a few moments.

On the whole, this campaign brought an unbelievable amount of new business to the brand in question. Many marketers mark it as one of the most large scale and globally successful marketing campaign. This same model was applicable to hundreds of countries on one continent and never lost its charm on the rest of earth. Kids everywhere want to own a happy meal box. It became a status symbol long before there was power of internet and mobile phones. During the 90s the kids had one wimp on their minds and it was the happy meal and fast food fad. The campaign was so successful that the marketers started to arrange birthday parties at the local restaurant and give out kids happy meals. The turnout was great. There was no preparation needed on the part of the parents and the kids were happy to attend the party. All of this success would not have been possible without the best frames in the right place.

Marketing campaigns and their impact

Without the right support equipment it was impossible to make the marketing campaign a massive hit. Any other types of package would have presented design restrictions and functionality flaws. The designers made several boxes before making their final decision and the kids in focus groups always responded very well with the happy meal design. The parents were also more at ease to let the kids handle a design that was easy to manage and secure. In short, the cover played a monumental part in making this globally marketing campaign a success. These days the marketers are thinking about more uses for this cover type. Businessperson from all types of industries is trying to incorporate their products.

The fact of the matter is that people have a happy memory association with the happy meal packaging. Now that they are in a position to make purchasing decisions. Many new adults subconsciously go for the products that mimic the design from the happy memories of their childhood days. Products such as Soap Boxes are doing very well with these new cover options.

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