The Interesting Facts about Nature Friendly Custom Boxes

The Interesting Facts about Nature Friendly Custom Boxes

2019-12-11 11:25:12

If you are a manufacturer thinking customers don’t really care about nature, then you need to think again. It’s a different world we’re living in today. Long gone are those days when people didn’t really bother about the earth. Today, they do care, and they also like it when you do. Therefore, when you start helping the earth with eco-friendly custom boxes, then you are sending out a message that you worry about the earth and are trying to help in every way.

In addition to that, this is one of the smartest marketing and branding choice by manufacturers. Make no mistake that today, the consumers are becoming more concerned about the environment. And if you try to ignore the green factor, prepare to lose some customers.

That is why if you wish to show your commitment to the earth, show it through your packaging. This will help your purchases too. Because when customers are making a decision of buying your product, they are also weighing it on the eco-friendly factor.

Businesses need to take note that many studies have shown that people are now into the green packaging. 57% people say that they feel nature is important to them and so is green packaging. While a whopping 48% said they would seriously consider another brand if they receive a product that hasn’t followed the ‘Green’ code. Now you know the easy road to losing customers in a jiffy.

Make the start. Commit to being green. But don’t stop just right here. Your commitment should be rather a complete eco-commitment. And you can show that through your entire business. We know that being bragging is never a nice thing but sometimes it can really pay off. So share this with the whole world through your website.

What You As A Business Owner Can Do?

When it comes to eliminating waste, it’s not entirely up to the business but the consumers as well. They can help each other eradicate all the waste and preserve the natural resources to keep this earth a safe and healthy place to live in. That said, there’s no rule of spending millions in order to do that. You can take smaller steps, but make sure these are eco-friendly. You will save some and also make your attempt to save the earth.

Here’s what you can do as a business

  • Carefully choosing your material is job one, but there is a fine line between being eco-friendly and boring. Don’t be the latter.
  • The corrugated cardboard boxes are considered eco-friendly so make use of them.
  • Another paper to use for custom gift boxes is Geami. It can be recycled 100%.
  • For that additional protection, its best that you use corrugated bubble wrap or air pillows that are recyclable.
  • There are a number of innovative packaging material including mushrooms, corn starch or seaweed that you can use for your boxing needs.
  • Here’s the simplest packaging option to make use of. You can trying using the least amount of packaging material. There is no doubt to the fact that protection is required for the products, but the excessive padding is also unnecessary. You can save in on shipping cost too.

So when you are in an attempt to increase sales but at the same time care about the earth, you can use these eco-friendly candle boxes for your product. Being nature-friendly is also not that hard. But the rewards you get in the end are simply amazing. You get lots of customers, the shipping is cheaper and you are also playing your part of your planet.

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