The importance of colors in custom lipstick packaging boxes

The importance of colors in custom lipstick packaging boxes

2019-12-12 10:27:45

If you ask any women what's in your purse, the most obvious answer will be their one or two favorite lipsticks. Lipstick is the best friend of a woman. It glamorizes the overall look and makes us more beautiful. That's why it is always in great demand among other cosmetic product. Apart from a quality product, another thing which captures customer's attention is the product packaging. Lip product usually comes in beautifully designed custom lipstick packaging boxes.

The packaging of cosmetic products should be protective, attractive, signifies luxury and must have an artistic look. Lipstick packaging boxes have great importance when sales and customer's loyalty is concerned. In the designing process of lipstick boxes, different elements play their role for an appealing look. Colors, typeface, graphics, and patterns come together to make an eye-catching design. But for now, we will only discuss how colors are the most important part of the packaging and how they play their role.

Understand color psychology to draw customers

Colors, if selected correctly, can trigger the customer's emotion and influence them to buy the product. It will help you to stand out on the shelves. The shades you will select for lipstick boxes can make a great impact. This element is visible from the far and can grab customer’s attention instantly. Color psychology acts differently for every customer. But you can study customer’s behavior to make sense of your choice. You should also use high-quality printing to get the best result. 

Hues can trigger feeling and sentiments towards a specific product whether negative or positive. It all depends on how you make the use of different tones. When we talk about lipstick packaging, every color can work if used in the right way and with the right combination.

Tips to keep in mind which selecting colors

Selecting the right color can be a difficult task. So, to help you out here are some tips from our packaging expert

Don’t complicate things

Customers usually like simple and clean look for lipstick boxes. So, try to use two or three colors but not more than that.Too many hues can make the design complicated and not easy to understand. Each color has its meaning. If you don't use it wisely, it will convey the wrong message.

Try to use a combination of colors

Combination of colors or contrast can make your packaging to stand out. Contrast means is to use colors which are completely different from each other. Don't choose the same tone, it will make no difference. You can review how a contrast will look on a grayscale.

Know your message 

What is the end use of your product? What message do you want to convey with your packaging? Before selecting the color, it is important to ask yourself a few questions. Make sure that colors don’t give wrong vibes.

Test different options

A test run can help you to find out how your customers will respond to a specific color or tone. For this, you can introduce a small sample in the market and see the public response. If it goes well, you can continue using it. Otherwise, try another option and do a test again.

Think about your ideal customers

Lipstick is a woman product and they usually like bold colors. You can also take your customer’s advice on social media. Take a visit to a cosmetic store and take customer’s feedback about the different colors. You can also use the colors of the product as your box color.

Making the right choice of colors for your lipstick boxes can be a challenging task. There is no clear guideline to make the best color decision for your lipstick packaging and custom lip balm display boxes also. If you want to seek professional advice, there is no better option than custom packaging pro.

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