The Different Types of Pillow Packaging

The Different Types of Pillow Packaging

2020-11-04 07:21:30

When you talk about an innovative type of packaging, there isn’t anyone in the industry who will not call the Pillow Packaging innovative and out of the box. It is the perfect solution for packaging when there is a need to add value to the product inside as well as making the exterior of the product interesting. The top brands in the industry do not exclude the importance of packaging from their solutions of standing out and introducing an innovative sort of product exterior.  The huge production and wholesale consumption of this type of packaging have clearly indicated that there is a need for pillow-shaped vessels in almost every industry. From food to cosmetics pillow wrapping material is used in all kinds of industries and it is just as useful, it doesn’t seem out of place. It was first introduced in the food industry in order to pack food products in packages that offered more ventilation that kept the food preserved for a short amount of time, especially for take away food. You will know some of these pillow containers being used in famous food outlets like Mac Donald’s. Here are some of the common things about these containers.

What type of box materials are used?

The material of the pillow-shaped vessel is always chosen wisely depending on the type of product that you are utilizing and the type of requirements your business has. Depending on your product boxes the most obvious type of materials are Kraft and cardboard material. These materials are strong and sturdy and they can pass a few lives without being damaged or broken or letting any harm to the product inside. These two materials are the perfect option for the protection and proper preservation of your products. From jewelry to food there are all kinds of products that can take advantage of the trendy and protective nature of these innovative pillow shaped boxes. Pillow shaped containers are more popular mainly because they are more accommodating, easy to carry, and take up a lot less space than any other sort of material. Apart from that, any retail store that you go to, you will find the pillow containers placed at the very front shelves which are also more or less due to their attractive nature and ease of use.

The customization that is implemented

Cardboard pillows are already pretty unique and eye-catching but if you want to add some extra value to your product you can add a little more customization to it. There are many brands that have been built in the corporate sector already who have built a good brand reputation through the successful customization. The trends in the industry are constantly evolving and the recent most trends feature pillow-shaped containers as an important part of customizable containers for all types of products. It is so important in the industry that a book about the product has already been published, educating people about its usefulness and diversity of nature.

Useful for special events and Occasions

These vessels and their unique appearance also make them pretty useful for occasions and events for distributing gifts to participants and guests. Often, they are used to distribute edibles like sweets and chocolates that are useful to congratulate people or to welcome or thank them for participating in a project. They maybe use embellishments like ribbons and flowers to make them appear more beautiful and appealing. These things add a sense of high-quality and relay a message of importance to your customers or guests.

Useful for Food and Medicine

Pillow containers are also important for the products that you would have otherwise never guessed that they are also used for. These are the pharmaceutical or medicinal products that are wrapped in pillow design of boxes and given to customers to take away. And for the food industry, the aluminum coated inside layer of the boxes helps them keep the food items preserved and fresh for use. They are most widely used in the food industry for the distribution of chocolates, dry fruits, candies, and such foods. With all their diverse advantages it only makes sense for a brand that is willing to stand out to use this type of packaging instead. Now these boxes are also being used to package semi-liquid products that can easily fit into the packaging.

Useful for the cosmetics industry

Pillow shaped box is also very widely used in the cosmetic industry as most of the products are in a thin bottled form and for that type of shape, these boxes are perfect for, preservation, protection, and ease of portability. Most of the top brands of cosmetics use pillow-shaped containers as a means to market their products because they show a unique appearance and are useful for the proper representation of these containers. The most demanding products in the cosmetics industry can easily be wrapped with them and will easily be carried around wherever you go. They also take up less space which is economical for delivery purposes.

Pillow containers with handles

With the increasing use of, producers engineered features that would further ease the portability of the products and make it easier to use like in Soap Packaging wholesale. Pillow shaped containers with handles are the best in this regard because they will be much easier to simply carry around with delivery and shipping.

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