Tea Packaging in Eco-friendly Kraft Boxes

Tea Packaging in Eco-friendly Kraft Boxes

2020-09-17 07:41:29

Some of the beverages and drinks are very important to people who want to concentrate good on their work. On top of the list is tea, which is common in various parts of the world due to its usage in workplaces, home and even at restaurants. Special lounges are made for serving tea with a good environment and atmosphere. Tea after production is kept inside special enclosure so that it can remain tasty and in the most attractive packaging. This is the reason why Kraft Boxes are used for that due to their multiple benefits and recyclable features. They are usually brown in color but can also be customized and printed in various themes and designs. For companies that sell organic tea make use of Kraft stock to reflect the natural essence of tea packed inside the carton.

Benefits of Using Kraft Stock for Boxes

They are the quality-wise best option for tea storage. They protect the product from any kind damage like heat, moisture or any kind of shock during the shipping hours or in the shelves as well. They are prepared with eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable materials. They can easily protect the products during any harsh weather and during transportation. These cartons are easily customizable and you can add any type of designs and artworks on them.

Customizations and Add-Ons

This packaging goes hand in hand with every brand and customized into simple as well as organic designs. Different types of logos are added to make them beautiful and more attractive. You can print any of your favorite design and you should print them with water-based ink to add an elegant and captivating look on them. Highlight the brand name in bold letters so that every customer will be aware about the brand and they can buy the product again in the future if they want. Also, brand name increases the uniqueness and attraction to the consumers.

Types of Boxes Used For Tea Packing

There is a huge variety of the tea packaging that comes with different sizes, shapes and dimensions depending on the product. The most common used are following:

Corrugated Stock for Shipping of Tea

If you are online brand and want to deliver the tea at the customer’s doorstep, the corrugated cardboard stock is best choice for you. They can easily fulfill all of your requirements and specifications. You can deliver them easily from one place to another and product will stay safe whether the parcel will dropped on the ground or not handled with care. The product will stay secure and safe during whole transportation process as well as in the showcases. They also look enchanting and mesmerizing except keeping the product safe.

Counter Top Displays for Retail Shops

These are commonly found in retail stores. Many products like tea, coffee, powder milk and others are displayed easily on counter tops. By adding different imprinting styles, designs, logos and color combinations you can make the tea packaging boxes grab the customer’s attention and influence them to buy it from your brand. Every customer like the good outlook as well as seller because of its proper size, shape and other qualities that makes it different from the other boxes and this can be placed easily anywhere and does not need large space to be placed.

These boxes are available in various varieties. The tea can be delivered at any distance whether it is short or long without facing any difficult or harm to the tea. Envelope-base, self-locking die cut, five panels are the most suitable ones. The security and safety of the tea powder is assured and it can be locked properly. Self-locking die cut ones are the most suitable type for carrying tea and other products.

Sleeve cartons for good presentation

They have a cover and a sliding drawer present on the top. Therefore, they can be folded easily and shipped with no difficulty and without carrying a huge space. They give an opportunity to buyers to check the measure if the tea be-gore purchasing. They are perfect for every sort of product including tea, coffee, bakery items, confectionery items, chocolates, candies and many other things.

Lid at the top

These are the simplest and most common type. A strong base, lid and side walls are present in this packaging. Usually, the sides are stapled to provide security to the product. This is not kind of much secure cartons and often used for short distance deliveries. They can be present in two designs, one which has two-pieces and can be easily separated from each other and other one combined with magnetic closure. They provide a smart and luxurious impression to its customers.

Display Boxes with Window to Check Tea From Outside

These are the light-weighed and most durable type of packaging. They can be printed with different colors schemes and layouts to add uniqueness and more glam to any kind of whether it is a tea or a Candle Boxes. They can be placed in counters of different stores and used for stationary items, confectionary items or bakery items.

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