Stand out on the shelves with Lip Balm display boxes

Stand out on the shelves with Lip Balm display boxes

2019-12-13 10:06:42

Lip balm is a widely used cosmetic item.  It has increased demand and that's why there are hundreds of lip balm brands in the market. Most of the brands opt for lip balm display boxes to showcase their product in the market. You can easily place these boxes on the cosmetic shelf or can hang them with the help of the hanging tab. With high competition in the market, it is important that your product has unique and eye-catching packaging. To impress your customers, invest in designing of custom lip balm boxes.

Packaging and presentation play a key role in the success of your cosmetic products. Packaging offers a lot more than just holding the product. While displaying on the shelves, custom boxes not only catch customer's attention but also a way to promote your brand. Custom packaging wholesale appeals your targeted audience and acts as a marketing channel for your brand.  Lip balm boxes help you to stand out on the shelves and make your own unique identity.

While designing your cosmetic packaging for display, try to meet the needs of the retail industry. While on display, your lip balm packaging has less than ten seconds to impress customers. So, consider every single detail to design the lip balm display boxes. Display boxes have high selling point as compared to other boxes. If you want to have perfect display for lip balm packaging then read on

Choose the right material for your lip balm boxes

Choosing the right material for your lip balm boxes is an important step. A low-quality box not only looks bad but also doesn't take printing and designing well. Display boxes reside on shelves for a longer period. So, it is important that should not get dull or looks old with time. The high-quality box will maintain the shape and quality of the box.

Don’t forget your name and logo

Your logo is your identity and it sets you apart from the competition.  Logo and brand name is an essential part of designing the lip balm boxes. Custom boxes with logo tell customers about your brand and your services. It also communicates your brand story to the customers.

Put your logo and brand tagline on the top of the hanging tab. Choose the color of your boxes the same as of your brand. Branded packaging also works in promoting and marketing the product.

Make it small and light-weight

Small and light-weight boxes are an ideal option for the display packaging. Make your lip balm boxes compact so it will be easy for retailers to place them on shelves. Also, opt for lightweight material for your lip balm packaging. It will make the handling and usage process easy. A light-weight box also saves your money during the manufacturing and shipping process.

Don’t pay for the void by choosing a box bigger than the product. Store owners place those products first that have easy to stack boxes and are unique. So, design the box accordingly.

Don’t complicate the design

In designing something unique, don't go over the board. Lip balm display boxes usually come in the shape of the dispenser and it is the best to consider. Simple packaging is the key to win customers.Keep the design clean and easy to understand.

Choose the display box with a sleek design and plane base. Don’t go for the boxes with odd shape and size. The boxes with the firm bottom are easy to place and stack. Make your lip balm boxes user-friendly and it should meet the requirements of a functional packaging.

Consider different options

While designing the lip balm boxes wholesale, don’t stick to just one option. Ditch the usual dispenser shape of display boxes by opting for other options. It will help you to stand out on the shelves. Retailers will also prefer your packaging on the shelves.For the design and print, consider foil stamping and embossing. It will give your product the luxury feel and look. Customers will consider your brand as high-quality and will favor you over others.

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