Some valuable tips for popcorn boxes design

Some valuable tips for popcorn boxes design

2020-04-13 10:17:30

The packaging in the food industry is continually evolving. Ever-changing trends have made it crucial for brands to stand out in the crowd. By focusing on the right things and by taking proper measures, you can make your product fly off the shelf tops. When it comes to custom popcorn boxes, you should keep some important points in mind. Do your competitor researches, focus on your customers, and try some eye-catching design. Some of the popular food packaging design comes from a simple and minimal approach. If you are looking for some valuable tips to design cereal packaging, we make sure to provide something which inspires you.

Appeal to customers with your design

You need to spend the maximum amount of time thinking about the needs and wants of potential customers. Before you start the designing of popcorn packaging, you should understand what customers look for while buying the product. It will help you to design the boxes according to the customer's perspective. It makes you appeal to customers in a better way. Take customer's feedback to know the ideal font, graphics, and colors. Some may like minimal design and some want to go for a more luxurious look.  To know your ideal customers better, it is wise to do a test run first. Another thing to consider for your customers is the convenience to use the packaging.

Let packaging tell the brand story

Like other packaging design, make sure that your popcorn packaging should also follow your brand identity. The packaging should reflect the brand and product in the right way. When customers look at the boxes, they should quickly know the brand behind it.  So, it is crucial to make your logo and brand name the part of your packaging. It will help you to build a brand identity in the crowd. You can also tell your story with the help of packaging boxes. If you are supporting a special cause or you are an eco-friendly brand, mention it on your boxes to get more exposure. Design the popcorn box in such a way that it provides the right image of your brand.

Use technology in your boxes

In the food industry, everyone is talking about smart packaging solutions. It will help customers to get easy access to product information. There are many ways in which you can incorporate technology into the packaging boxes. Brands are opting for a different way to make their boxes smart. The most common technology observed recently is the use of bar codes and embedded smart chips. Let's thanks to the latest smartphones that have made quick scanning possible. Customers can easily scan the codes on the spot and can get actual information. They will be more aware of what they are eating. It will make your brand more responsible and honest in the customer's eye.

Think about sustainability

Over the past few years, another change that brands have made in popcorn packaging is eco-friendliness. The food packaging is becoming greener. It has made brands to move from one-time plastic to more recyclable options. When we talk about eco-friendly packaging, you will get a lot of options regarding the material. The most used material for popcorn containers is paperboard and cardboard. Both of these are highly recyclable and also cheap. But Kraft is the best option for popcorn and customized cereal boxes. It is a full recyclable in nature and the most affordable option. Apart from these, the food industry is also working on an edible packaging solution. It can be the biggest breakthrough in the packaging industry.

Meet all the legal requirements

The most important thing to keep in mind while designing your food packaging boxes is to meet all the legal requirements. Make sure that your boxes have all the things that customers want to know while buying the product. It should include your product name, brand information, content quantity, and all the necessary precautions. Don't forget to include the important dates like manufacturing and expiration date. If you miss out on any of the mentioned information, you may have to face some legal issues. Putting information on the boxes in the form of text is not necessary. Too much text does not look good in the packaging. You can opt for infographics, images, and other symbols.

Try to add some transparency

Recently, customers have witnessed a new trend in food packaging. Food brands have started including transparency in the packaging. You might have seen full transparent boxes on the shelves but you can choose to add a portion of it. It will allow customers to view the product before making the actual purchase. The trend of transparency introduced in the cosmetic industry first but now it has moved in the food market. You can use add a little transparency in your custom printed popcorn boxes by incorporating a small die-cut window. It is better to use recyclable plastic for the window cut-out. Customers prefer to buy your product over the competition.

If you follow all the above tips, you can easily design the perfect packaging for your popcorn and cereal boxes. The industry is competitive and you have to stand out to get noticed.  Take your time to notice the competition and take the right steps to inspire your customers. We advise you to take professional help for the type of material, the printing techniques you need, and what packaging process suits your product.

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