Some unique uses of empty cereal boxes

Some unique uses of empty cereal boxes

2020-03-11 10:42:12

Some unique uses of empty cereal boxes

What's your favorite childhood memory, when going to the supermarket? Don't know about yours, but mine was the cereal aisle. Cereals are my favorite snacks for breakfast and it is also one of the healthiest options. Among all the different types and categories, it is tough to make a choice. But customized cereal boxes can help you to choose the perfect option for you. Brands have to work on the quality of the product and the packaging as well to make a lasting impression on customers.

No matter how hard we emphasize on the importance of packaging, some customers don't care about the box at all apart from playing games at the back. It is also an easy way for higher brand recall but there is something more that customers can do with an empty cereal box instead of throwing it away.

Nowadays, brands and different organizations emphasize reducing packaging waste. The one way is to reuse the boxes instead of discarding them into the bin. If you think, there is nothing which you can do with the packaging, you need to think again. There are many ways in which you can repurpose the custom cereal box packaging. Here, we are telling you some unique ideas to reuse the empty boxes of cereals.

Tags for your luggage

Crafting luggage tags out of your cereal packaging is an easy task. It only takes a few steps. Cut any shape of your choice, use a cookie cutter for perfect and attractive shapes. Make a hole at the top and write your personal information on the blank side. For more appeal, you can laminate the tags. Everyone will surely ask about unique tags.

Unique postcards

Want to send a unique and nice surprise to your loved ones? We know surprises can be costly especially if your favorite person lives out of the town. You can send a hello greeting to your special one by crafting the 4 x 6 postcard out of your cereal box. Write your personalized message, address and stamp it on the blank side. Pop the card into the mail for a special surprise.


Making notepad out of your cereal packaging box is more than just cutting. You will need some more items like binder clips and a knife.  Just take some papers equal to the length of the box. When you are done finishing the whole process, you will have a unique and customized notebook in your hand.

Separators for blinder

If you want a unique separator sexton for your blinders, it is time to think creatively like round soap packaging ideas.  Just cut half an inch wider piece from your box, punch holes and stick it your binder for easy identification.

Cutting board

I bet you have never thought of this idea. You have read it right, cereal containers can be your cutting board in the kitchen. The cardboard material is safe for food items. If you don't like using the cutting board, again and again, cardboard cereal packaging is the best option for you.

Shipping boxes and envelopes

If you run a home business and sell stuff on Amazon or eBay, it is time to get free shipping boxes. Just turn the box inside out and glue it for perfect closure. Just put your product inside the box and add stuffing to provide protection. You can decorate the box with different accessories. Just address the box, stamp it and send it to your customer. You can turn a cereal packaging box into a cardboard envelope to post the letters.

Masks for your kids

Cereal packaging is an affordable way to make masks for your kids. The cardboard is usually thin and flexible. You can cut the masks into different shapes. Allow your kids to decorate the unprinted side with crayons, ribbons, markers, and watercolors. There are many other decorative which you can use to adorn the mask. It is a unique and economical option.

Magazine holder

Cereal boxes come in different sizes which you can easily turn into a magazine holder. For this craft, you don’t have to put much effort, just cut the box diagonally. You can just leave the box as it is or can decorate it with the gold or silver spray paint. You can also change the box design acceding to your décor.

Personalized gift boxes

Cereal gift boxes are not just putting your item into the box. You don't need to be lazy. Turn the inside of the box and paint the unprinted side to make your gift box appealing. Decorate the box with ribbons, bows, glitter, and other stuff. The receiver will surely appreciate your effort and surely they will reuse the box for other purposes.

Affordable business cards

It is not an easy task for everyone but if you are a creative and art-loving person, you can do it. Designing cereal boxes as your business card is a fun way to let customers know what you do. You can paint both sides, write your information on it, and laminate it for a more professional look.

There are a lot more ways to reuse the used packaging. The above ideas are not solely for cereals but you can imply these to soap packaging and bath bomb boxes as well. Have you ever recycled the product boxes? If yes, let us know in the comments.

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