Some tips for custom lipstick packaging boxes

Some tips for custom lipstick packaging boxes

2019-12-13 10:19:48

In the cosmetic industry, many brands are relying on product packaging to draw in more and more customers. Unless you don’t buy from a known brand, custom lipstick packaging boxes has significant importance in making the purchase decision.It simply turns an ordinary product into an undeniable desire. Cosmetic packaging can also help you to differentiate between high-end and low-end cosmetic products.

Packaging plays a vital role in your cosmetic brand success. From creating brand awareness to product protection, cosmetic boxes have several roles to play. For example, well-designed custom packaging boxes can help to attract customers and drive sales. Packagingassures customers that they are buying quality and luxurious item.That’s why it is important for cosmetic brands to design custom packaging in the right way.

To design the high-quality custom lipstick packaging boxes is not an easy task. It requires an equal amount of your time, money and effort.  But if you work with a company like custom packaging pro, it is just like a piece of cake. Here are some tips from our side to help you out with lipstick packaging

The material of the boxes

The first and foremost thing you need to decide for lipstick packaging is the material of the boxes. You can choose from a variety of boxes made of different materials. You should know that every material has its own role to play and is not suitable for every product.

Apart from choosing the hard and sturdy material, it should not also react with the product’s chemical. It should also keep the product from moisture and heat exposure. Some of the popular choices for cosmetic containers are cardboard and corrugated.

Size of your boxes and product

You are wrong on so many levels if you think box size doesn’t matter in packaging. Box size has its own importance and can influence the customer’s purchase decision. Let’s take an example;lipstick is an everyday product which a woman uses in routine. If you sell a lipstick in the box of foundation, you will lose your customer base instantly. Packaging a lipstick in mascara boxes will not help either.

You have to choose the boxaccording to the dimension of the product. The product should fit in the box without banging around and without damaging the box.

Design of cosmetic packaging

The visual appeal of custom lipstick boxes matters to catch the customer’s attention.  You should opt for a luxurious feel and look for your cosmetic packaging. In this modern era, brands should focus on the outer look of boxes instead ofsolely focus on the product. The packaging design should not only look attractive but also provide form and function.

Choose the material that should take design and print well. Colors, design, and font of the packaging contribute a big time towards a successful design.Opt for a simple and minimal look as less is always more.

Consistency matters

When it comes to successful branded packaging, you should keep consistency over your entire lipstick range. If you are selling different type of lipstick, your packaging boxes should show off that it comes from the same brand. Use of logo and brand colors can help you to maintain uniformity. Customers will instantly recognize your brand. The consistent design will also help you to introduce a new product without designing new packaging. If you want to refresh your packaging, you can go with a basic design without making big changes.

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