Some common problems in bath bomb packaging boxes

Some common problems in bath bomb packaging boxes

2019-12-12 10:09:03

If you are reading this blog, it means you are in the bath bomb industry. You can be a brand owner, packaging manufacturer or retailer. No matter who you are, you must know the importance of well-designed bath bomb packaging boxes for sure. Customers are picky than before and they mostly consider packaging to buy the product. If you will be unable to meet their requirements, it can affect your brand image in the form of unsatisfied customers.

Bath bomb packaging can play a great role in building your brand. The right choices will help you to make the design better.  Customers often complain about some common problems in product packaging and want brands to resolve the issue for the next time. If you are aware of the packaging problems, here is the shortlist for your information.

Boxes lacking the strength is a big weakness

The material you choose for your boxes should be sturdy and durable. The common issue which most of the customers face is the damaged product. The bad experience can ruin your mood and can haunt you for days. The main reason for the inconvenience is that brands don't think much about while buying the boxes. The bath bomb is delicate items and little moisture or dust can damage the product. Nobody wants to have unhappy customers and low sales. So, choose cardboard or Kraft as a bath bomb packaging solution.

Low-quality material limits the product shelf life

Cheap packaging material is not only a risk to product safety but also limit the shelf life. The boxes should keep the freshness and fragrance of bath bombs for longer. Moreover, the box should not feel old with passing time. Choose the quality material and use a finishing option to keep the texture of the packaging fresh. You can use the extra packaging layers to preserve your product from environmental factors and also prevent any risk. Don't compromise on the quality to save some dollars.

Inconvenience is the most common problem

Nowadays, customers demand easy and convenient packaging experience. If your boxes are not user-friendly, customers will not make the purchase again. Fortunately, custom bath bomb boxes provide many convenient features to the users. They are easy to open and it is also hassled free to get the product out of the box. Make the storage and reseal feature simple. Also, select the regular shapes for your packaging boxes. So, it will be easy to place on the retail shelves or in bathroom cabinets. Odd shapes will not work.

Customers feel bored to see your packaging

Do you know half of the customers decide what they are going to purchase until they get in front of the store's aisle?? Yes, it is true.  Half of the purchase decisions are based on product packaging. So, you have to make your boxes attractive to turn the shoppers into your regular customers. Choose more than two colors, unique graphics, and print and opt for a transparent window. Take advantage of marketing opportunities by putting your brand name and logo on the front of the boxes.

You are producing a lot of waste

The issue of non-recyclable packaging is resolving with time but there are still some brands that are generating waste. If you are one of them, you need to stop now. Customers prefer products packed in eco-friendly boxes and are happily pay more for it. Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft are some preferable choices of brands. These materials leave no carbon footprint and also produce less waste. So, be wise and switch to more sustainable packaging solutions.

Above are some common problems which can occur in the design process of the bath bomb and soap packaging. There is much more to bath bomb packaging than brand realizes. By taking the right measures at the right time, you can save yourself from all the problems.

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