Soap Packaging Material – What Are Your Options?

Soap Packaging Material – What Are Your Options?

2021-06-30 06:58:51

Choosing the right packaging material for your soap products is more crucial than you think. When it comes to designing a perfect solution, there are many different factors to consider. From the box structure to different types of materials, everything matters for a well-designed solution. The first thing you need to do while choosing the material for your custom boxes is to think about your budget and product's dimensions. Considering your budget will make you understand the material and shipping cost. If you are not sure where to start, you need proper guidance and take the professional help.

What Are Different Options Available for Soap Packaging Material?

One of the most essential considerations while designing soap packaging is the choice of material. With so many options available, you have to consider several factors, including durability, sustainability, and visual appeal. The right material should keep the product safe and also add value to your product. Making the right choice will help reduce the cost, build a positive brand image, and increase the shelf life. You can't compromise on the Soap Packaging Material as it is the base of your design. Here are some of the popular material choices available for your soap boxes.

Corrugated Is the Most Common Choice

The first consideration when deciding the material is looking at the actual structure. What kind of box you need for your product depends on its dimensions and weight.  You also need to think about the customer experience, functionality, and many other things. When you are looking for an all-in-one solution, corrugate is the right choice to make. It has three layered brown paper and is mostly known as corrugated cardboard.

Some of its prominent features are as follow:

  • It has a layered and protective structure which provides the cushioning effect
  • It is light in weight which makes it easy to handle and store
  • You can easily customize and recycle it

Corrugate is the ultimate solution that provides you with unlimited benefits. It is not only good for retail but for the e-commerce business that wants to provide customers the ultimate experience. You can print both interior and exterior to add a WOW factor in the product unboxing. It is a material that allows you to personalize the soap packaging on your terms. Avail of this advantage to grow your business with the help of custom boxes.

Kraft Is an Ideal Choice for Display Packaging

If we have to name one material that is fully recyclable and also affordable for every business, it has to be Kraft. It is growing in popularity only because it is 100% bio-degradable which means it leaves zero carbon footprints on the environment. It comes from the wood pulp, which is then treated to form paper.

The Kraft paper has further different types:

Natural Kraft Paper: It is an ideal choice for custom Display Packaging. Natural Kraft is one of the tor trends of eco-friendly packaging. It is popular among brands due to its durability and eco-friendly nature. The material also has great printing and customization capabilities, and that's why it is an ideal choice for retail packaging solutions.

Coated bleached and unbleached Kraft: Coated bleached and unbleached paper comes from the Kraft. The only difference between these two is that one is bleached and the other is not. The material is light in weight which makes it an ideal choice for small items like soap.  It is not only cost-effective but also has flexible printing options.

Use Rigid Material for Your Custom Boxes

If there is something that makes your product more high-end and luxurious is the right choice of material. Rigid is the top choice of brand and customers because of its highest quality thick grade paper. The construction process is a bit different from the regular folding. It is a complex process, and that's why it is more costly. With rigid paper, you individually design and wrap each side and assemble all the sides in one structured box. It is high-priced and not in the range of small businesses.

Here are some pros and cons of the rigid paper


  • An ideal option for premium and luxury products
  • Allows for reusability
  • Offer durability and stability


  • Much costly when compared to other solutions
  • Results in the high shipping cost
  • Have higher environmental impacts

Big brands mostly opt for rigid material for their soap boxes as it helps to deliver a high-end feel and look. It is less eco-friendly as compared to Corrugate and Kraft as the production process needs many procedures. But it is highly reusable because rigid boxes are considered luxurious, and consumers often reuse them for storage purposes. Almost 50% of the customers have admitted that they are more likely to try a brand again if the packaging solution is premium.

Choose To Be Sustainable with Bath Bomb Packaging

No matter what material choice you make, it is impossible to escape the importance of a sustainable solution. As more and more customers are choosing to be eco-friendly, sustainability has become the main focus of the soap industry. The increased demand has forced the manufacturer to increase the production of highly recyclable material. A sustainable solution is not only good for the environment but also offers beauty and functionality.  Soap is a natural product, and that's why this industry has made a quick switch to environmentally friendly options. The soap market is adapting ways to be more sustainable and green. It is worth investing in green options as it results in more attention, boosted sales, and a good brand image. If cost is the factor, customers are ready to pay more for an eco-friendly solution.

In the end, what matters the most is the packaging material. The right choice combined with strong design elements helps you to elevate the brand and customer experience. It will help you leave a lasting impression on customers. Choose the Bath Bomb Packaging material which looks good and is functional.

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