Soap Boxes with Window – Choosing the Right Solution

Soap Boxes with Window – Choosing the Right Solution

2021-06-09 07:48:35

Can you recall how many types of packaging boxes you see on the shelves on your recent visit to the stores? Probably, the most common ones are the boxes with a die-cut opening on the top; the opening is called the window, and it let customers view the product before making a purchase decision. You can know the look and feel of the product before opening the box and digging into the details. If you want to be honest with your customers and win their trust, window patching is the right option to choose. Window patching in soap packaging is becoming popular in the market.

How To Choose the Right Method for Soap Boxes with Window?

Custom boxes with windows are most common for bakery products, snacks, and toys. But it doesn't mean that you can't have custom Soap Boxes with Window. The soap industry is progressing day by day, and every brand wants to have a unique solution to stand out in the saturated market. If you require to make a strong brand image with the help of packaging, incorporate a window into your packaging to showcase your high-quality products in the stores. It is one of the many options which you can use to present your soap products appealingly. Let's look at the small guide on custom packaging with window:

Different type of windows

Cellophane window packaging has become more common than ever, and it is an ideal way to make your product stand out in the market. It gives your customers a way to see the actual product before unboxing the product. It is an ideal option for food, cosmetics, and other retail products like soap. In this type, you have two options available; rigid and flexible ones. The rigid window comes from hard plastic, and you can use it for high-end luxury products. While the flexible window is made of polyester film, and it is an eco-friendly option. If you have an odd-shaped package, the flexible window is ideal for you.

Considering The Window Size

The first step towards designing a window packaging is to know how much bigger or smaller patching you want on the boxes. Small size windows are a favorable option because large-sized windows are prone to damage and have low resistance against wear and tear. One thing to keep in mind while designing the box is to leave enough space so that it will be easy to glue or paste the film patching into the material. If you want your window film to be strong enough, go for a smaller size.

Custom Window Boxes for Bath Bombs

Custom window boxes with window are getting popular day by. Whether it is a Boxes for Bath Bombs or stand-up pouches for soap, you can incorporate a window patch in all the packaging solutions. But we know that custom containers are the popular choice of brands, and the processing of adding a window in these containers is quite speedy and easy as compared to paper bags or pouches. Manufacturers use a machine that has one specific purpose. With this machine, a PET or PVC film creates a window patching to the box.

Check The Sturdiness Level

Luxury and delicate products like soap need of higher level of protection and sturdiness with window packaging. It helps to protect the product properly and offers the clarity to showcase your products on the shelves. The film you will use for the window patching should have the highest strength and sturdiness to protect your product against all odds. The sheet should not come off or get deformed under different environmental conditions. It is best to test the durability of the film before introducing your product to the market. High-end products like soap need great strengthen packaging to prevent any damage.

Think About the Product Exposure

If your product can get exposed to heat, moisture, and cold during the transportation process, it is crucial to take the proper measure to protect the inside content. Keep in mind that how window patching can affect the packaging protection level. Make sure to choose the sheet thickness and material according to the safety of your product needs. If you don’t have enough knowledge on whether the window film is protective enough or not, it is essential to work with experts to make sure that your packaging works well.

Different Film Options

Mostly used types of films used for soap window packaging are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene terephthalate. Pet is light and can be cut in the desired style and then dried for the needed protection. It makes the films durable, and it is impossible to damage the fil sheet. There is the chance of light scratching but can bear maximum pressure to keep the product safe. On the other hand, PVC offers great resistance against wear and tear.  It can create odor, so we will not recommend using it for the soap packaging. But it does offer great protection against rough handling.

Unique Ideas for Retail Display Boxes

If you are getting a custom box with a window, it doesn't mean that you can't customize it to meet market demands and customer's expectations. The most amazing thing is that you can add the window patching in any desired shape. A customized box with a die-cut window on the top can leave a lasting impression on customers. You can play with different options to make your product more irresistible. The whole patching process is quite affordable and doesn't take much time. Instead of getting the plastic film in a regular square or rectangle shape, have it in the shape of a floral design for a higher appeal.

Adding a window to your Retail Display Boxes is an overwhelming process and needs a lot of consideration. Whether you need an environmental-friendly solution by opting with small window patching or a large window to showcase all your products, it is possible to customize the design according to your requirements.

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