Six Tips for Custom Printed Sleeve Packaging Wholesale

Six Tips for Custom Printed Sleeve Packaging Wholesale

2020-10-27 07:00:39

It is not easy to run a wholesale business. You have to face many ups and downs to be successful in the market. From the emerging technologies to the customer's demands to the latest trends, there are many challenges to overcome. As the competition is growing in the industry, proper branding can help you to stand out. Branding is not only product marketing, but it also exceeds the packaging. Some businesses don't care about the product packaging, but using well-designed custom printed Sleeve Packaging wholesale can help you to set your brand apart from the competition. Here are tips to follow to get the best out of printed sleeve boxes wholesales.

Personalize the packaging according to the targeted market

When it comes to boxing your product, a simple brown package is a NO. Nowadays, more and more customers are posting their brand experience along with photos and videos. Customer experience depends on how much you care about your targeted market, and designing packaging is a big part of it. Don't make the mistake of providing a shoddy and boring box to the ideal clients. Design the printed sleeve packaging according to the needs and wants of the customers. From the material to the color choice, everything should be following the targeted audience's needs.

Keep the logo low key

The logo is an essential part of a package design, but it doesn't mean that logo should be all over the place. We know that incorporating brand elements result in brand identification and recognition, but you should keep these elements low key. Maintaining a balance in the design will help in communicating a clear message. Logo placement, if done right is the best way to show the brand's personality. Most of the brands opt for a logo on the front or top of the box. Turing the logo into a print or pattern will add an element of surprise.

Choose the style that resonates with your brand

The box design is a crucial element that helps you to attract the targeted market. The color and style of the custom printed sleeve packaging should reflect your brand. Most of the purchase decisions depend on visual factors. Choose a color which evokes emotions and influence customer perception about the product. According to marketing, expert color is the primary reason for customers to make the purchase. You have to do a test run to find out which color scheme works best for you. The design which reflects the branding will help to build a strong identity and result in more exposure.

Select the box material wisely

Packaging material plays a crucial role in product safety. Consider the weight, size, and fragility of the product while making the material choice. From the cardboard to the Kraft, there are a lot of choices available. Check the durability and sustainability to make the right material choice for custom printed sleeve boxes wholesale. It is not only about providing protection, but the touch and feel of the material should drive customers to grab the product and take it home.

Package the box neatly to ensure safety

Apart from putting effort into the packaging design, you have to work on the proper arrangement of the products inside the box. Custom printed sleeve packaging comes in a variety of sizes. Choose the right size to ensure that the product encloses perfectly inside the box.  Considering the size, weight, and dimension of the product will help to make the right decision. If your products are fragile or delicate, you have to put extra effort into the packing of the products. You can use cardboard inserts or can package items individually in bubble wraps or shrink plastic to ensure safety.

Make the unboxing special for an ultimate experience

Unboxing is the most important part of providing the ultimate experience to the customers.  Make the unboxing experience exceptional and see how you turn a customer into your brand ambassador.  It will help to increase brand ambassador among the customers. Customize your sleeve packaging to make your customers feel valued and appraised. Unboxing videos play a crucial role in making your brand star on social media. Make sure that the package should not only deliver in a first class condition but should have a strong functional design.

The above tips can help you to have the perfectly designed sleeve boxes for custom printed Bath Bomb Packaging wholesale. Don't be afraid to take the risk and experiment with different design options.

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