Right Custom Packaging Can Make Retailers a Huge Success

Right Custom Packaging Can Make Retailers a Huge Success

2019-12-05 13:42:21

Every business out there you see is in the attempt to promote their product. But for that to happen effectively, businesses need to spend extra effort and time on their packaging. Packaging is something that can make or break a business. It can make a buyer’s decision or break it. They can instantly decide if they want to buy the product or not. This is how powerful packaging can be sometimes. But there are times, custom packaging may be the reason why many retailers do not get along with the product concepts.

You need to think it from the point of view of a buyer. What is the first thing they see when they enter the store? Do they see the actual product or the packaging itself first? I think we all know the answer to this question. The packaging is the first thing they get to see, unless it’s plastic and transparent. But what happens when the customers looks at a packaging and finds it really unpleasing? Does the customer walk up to the product packaging, pick it up in its hand and actually have a good look at the box? Well, quite truthfully, the customer starts looking around for other similar products with more appealing packaging. Same way, if the packaging is unclear, the product text not readable, the message not clear, do you think anyone let alone the customer would want to buy it. We know the answer to this one too. There’s no way on earth anyone would want to buy anything that doesn’t appeal to their eyes. What we are saying is, the equation is quite simple when it comes to unclear or unappealing packaging. Therefore, for a major retailing success to take place, its best that businesses spend enough time on their packaging. It is a key and essential factor if they want to beat their competitors at their game.

But here comes the hard part. Finding out if you are on the right track can sometimes be a difficult task. But then again, we have something for you which will make the whole process quite easy. All you have to do is ask yourself three questions which are very important for your success when you are in the process of preparing the packaging for your product to be able to achieve a massive retail success.

1.    Is Your Packaging Clear Enough To Deliver A Precise And Cohesive Message About The Product And What It Is Supposed To Do?

Look at your packaging and see if you get what is inside the it? Are you getting a clear message? Can you get from the packaging what may be inside the box? If you cannot get an immediate yes to that, there is a problem you need to deal with instantly. You as a business have to make sure that your packaging is imparting a clear message, and this has to be done all the time and not just once. The minute you look at the packaging, you immediately know what the product is, what it does, how it can be useful to you, and why it’s so amazing? Everything from the packaging to the text needs to be easy to read, easy to perceive with a clear message. Customers won’t take as long as two seconds to decide if they like your packaging and wish to buy your product. Therefore, creating a clear visual experience is quite imperative. Let the customers know what the product is and how it can help them.

2.    Do You See Your Packaging As Being Attractive Enough To Allure People? Does It Give Out The Feeling Customers Will Want To Buy It?

Everyone has a different view about what they find appealing and beautiful and what they feel is not attractive. As the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of you may think that kiwifruit green is love, but then some might take it as cabbage. That’s how people perceive things. One might think of something being appealing and beautiful while others might find it horrid. That’s how things go. But you need to come up with a design that is elegant enough to appealing to everyone – almost.

Remember, 99% of the people out there need to agree that you packaging is concise, attractive, exciting and enticing. If not, then you have a problem. But getting to know if you are right or not is the hard part.

The best way to do that I believe is asking people around you. Ask your relatives, loved ones, friends, and people on the street perhaps; anyone you can count on will give you the best and most honest opinion. Because that is what you need right now. An honest answer. You need people to tell you what they actually think and not what you wish to hear. That’s how honest they should be. You may not like it in the first place. But believe it later on, you will appreciate their honesty.

3.    Is The Size Of Your Packaging And Your Competition In Consistency?

Look at your packaging and then have a look at the packaging of your competitor. Is it the same size, or theirs is 3x smaller than yours? If they do have smaller casings, there might be some issue you need to address ASAP.

Your buyer has a space that it needs to work with. Is your packaging compatible with that? This is what you need to ensure. You see, the buyer has limited amount of space leaving him with fewer choices. So you have to be sensible with your packaging and think that the limited spacing that is allotted to the buyer might force his hand not to buy your product. So be wise and don’t just jump into the foot long casing before confirm this factor. And even if your packaging doesn’t have this issue, you still might be in need of expert advice. Remember, you think you might not need the extra help and getting it will only cost you. But in the long run, you will be thankful that you ever did, because perhaps if you hadn’t back then, things might be a little different now in terms of your packaging and because of it. You are saved from all those headaches that were to come if the expert advice was ignored in the first place.

So when you think of all the important factors related to your Custom Candle Boxes, it’s time to bring in some sales, one after the other.

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