Retail Packaging Box – The Right Inspiration for the Right Design

Retail Packaging Box – The Right Inspiration for the Right Design

2019-11-29 08:59:15

The packaging design in one of the main components that you need to pay focus on. The reason being, if the design is not intriguing enough, people won’t buy your products because they are not buying your packaging in the first place. So if you wish to set the mark right, your retail packaging box design needs to be eye grabbing. That is the only way to lead to an increase in sales. But there are times, getting the right design for product packaging can be a difficult task. The reason being, you have to look into so many factors for design that it all becomes overwhelming.

However, there are ways to get some inspiration, especially when you have just stepped into the industry. But before you jump into the whole inspiration thing, let’s first have a look at all those things you will generally be needing for your packaging. These are those elements that you cannot do without. So find out what these are:

  • You will either need an envelope or outer box in which you will keep the product secure. This is especially when you have to ship the items from one place to another. Shipping is that one crucial time, among a couple others, when the product is at the most risk of getting damaged. So the security and safety is very important for the product and the outer box or envelope offers that.
  • When you place the product in a box, you need to seal it properly because if you don’t, the item can fall out of your packaging. For this, you will need some tape or label to ensure you can properly close the box without any issue.
  • You will need some protective elements that you need to place inside the box alongside the product for further protection. These can include bubble wrap, air pillows, or tissue paper to ensure that the product remains safe and in one place during the shipping process. There are other options too like fillers for stuffing inside the packaging. But the key is to place them inside the box so that the product stays in place.
  • You will also need a twine or sticker so that you can keep the tissue paper in place too.
  • You also require some sort of additional inserts including a card of your brand, maybe a thank you note, or maybe you have something upcoming you are about to launch soon enough and you wish the customers to be informed about it. Including these things can be very helpful. If you include some sort of message or thank you note, it will make the packaging feel more personal.

Now that we have covered this part, and this is for when you need to ship items from one place to the other, now its time to have a look at all those brands that can give you some sort of inspiration when it comes to your packaging design.

Remember, the inspiring the design of your packaging, the more it will appeal to people and increase your sales respectively.

Before you start your inspiration process, how about you do a little bit of research. You need to find out about what’s the best packaging designs in your relevant industry because you need to go by that. You can also check out brands in your respective industry and find out what they are up to. Not only will this help in you getting some inspired ideas, but you will also have a clue of what’s going on. You can then try to figure out all those ways in which you can make your packaging design a standout. Also, you will be assured that you are following all those industry standards that are set by regulating authorities. If you do not comply with those standards, your product can be in trouble. So make sure you know what the standards are and create a packaging accordingly.

Now let’s have a look at some of the packaging ideas of small and medium sized brands – they may be your favorite too. These brands are really in an attempt to push their game hard.

  • Glossier: Glossier is a cosmetic brand and the main identity of the business is making makeup interesting and fun and easy to use. Their packaging is all about these elements. You will find hints of interest and fun in the packaging itself. By using bright, popping, vibrant colors and including interesting texts like ‘Skin First. Makeup Second. Simple Always’ is what makes them special and different from other similar brands. Anyone who will have a glance at this cute little message will feel nothing but appreciated. You can also find a pack of stickers of Glossier within the package. This increases the playfulness they are after.
  • Dollar Shave Club: This brand is in line with all those functional, practical and economical businesses many people look for. The brand focuses on packaging options that are simple but still there is an interest to it you won’t find in many other brands.

So these are the businesses that try hard to make their Kraft Boxes wholesale fun and appealing for their customers in a unique manner. Which is a reason they are gaining a lot of popularity. Get inspiration for your packaging needs from these brands and similar others so that you can also get in the race to reach the top.

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