Promote Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

Promote Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

2020-03-27 08:08:58

All the businesses out there are in an attempt to excite and evoke the customer’s interest in their goods. If are trying to find out all those ways in which they can do that. We can help you kick start with that. The first way to do that would be making a design for your packaging that will in the best way reflect your brand’s value and who you are as a business. When your packaging design is poor, this is a reflection of the poor judgment call you made with your Custom Packaging. It means that you didn’t think through well enough. But when a design is well conceived, your boxes are going to send out the message that you know exactly what you are doing. Which is you being here to offer to your customers the highest standard products?

But you need to include your brand’s logo and name on the packaging so the customers know that it’s you. Similarly, your packaging needs to have some colors that are a true reflection of your brand. This is an ideal way of promoting your business. But this is not the only factor that you should stick to. There are a number of other factors too which will help you in the process.

The Whole Designing Strategy

The way you design your packaging and how you place your logo on it is kind of an assurance for the customers. The customers will know that you are a real business with a real vision. They will know that the brand is not a fake. If you don’t do that, the customers will be in a state of disarray. They will keep thinking if they are buying from a real brand or not, if the business owned by some real person or just some hoax. They think to them if the brand is real. Is it serious about the reputation in the market?

For you to show that you are a real business operated by a real person, its best that you add relevant information of your brand and product. You can also add in some details about how you created the product packed inside.

Another thing you can do is place a piece of paper within the packaging that contains your story. Share with the world, or perhaps just your buyers the story of your brand.

The one brand that we could think of at the moment s Annie’s. They have a ‘Mac and Cheese’ product and their food box packaging is quite unique and interesting. Looking at the packaging’s box, there you can see a blurb about the business. They are telling the world in this small blurb about how their business came about and exactly when. The details related to the founders of the brand are also mentioned there. But wait, that’s not it. There is also mentioned on the box’s back that the founders of the business hand-address every case that is mail-ordered. It’s also mentioned how the makers of the brand would drive down all the way to the local post office just so they could drop off the product. At that time, they owned a two-door Volkswagen.

Sharing such stories will allow the customers to develop a strong bonding with you. This strategy also helps the customers somehow relate to your company. Maybe an incident they can think of, perhaps some memory is trigger which will compel them to buy the product. The customers will feel as if they know you. They will feel like there is a strong connection between you and them. You have employed a great technique that will help develop fondness and likeness.

The Influencer Strategy

All those influencers out there with a large customer base, you can try to impress them with your amazing packaging choices. These are the people who can help you set the mark. The influencers can do so by unboxing your products in front of the whole world which includes their customer base too. When their fans see their Guru is unboxing something that is pretty amazing to watch, they too will want to buy the product. So this way, your mark is set. This is exactly what you need.

But again, this unboxing will be witnessed by the whole world and not just their fan following only. This way, many others too can see the wonder products you have and how amazingly you pack them.

But you need to know one thing. Most of the times you will have to reach out to these people on your own. You need to tell these influencers about your product. There is likely a chance an influencer on its own will find your goods and will want to try it.

There is one thing you bear in mind though when you reach out to these personnel. Giving them your product won’t be enough. You will need to include some pictures, a detailed description of your product along with perhaps a media kit – only if you please. Know that the person will have no clue about your product which is why these things are highly necessary to include. You need to fill in the influencer with the right details about your products. To make things a little more exciting for the person, you can include a small favor or gift along with your product as a thank you token for all the time they will be taking out for your product. You are telling them that their time and efforts are highly appreciated by you.

Time for you to unbox away!

As a manufacturer, you may not be aware of the fact that while someone out there shares a video of a product being unboxed, this can be one of the most ideal ways for generating a buzz about your goods and brand both. Because the person on one side is unboxing your product and sharing its experience. On the other side, countless watch as the person unveils to the world your amazing product packed in this incredible box. The watchers too are excited about the prospects and they too want to feel thrilled and joyed in the same way.

But hold on. Things are getting here. You can take this video of your customer as it unboxes your product and put it up on your website to use it for your own good. This video can help increase sales. You can use this video as a marketing tool for your brand and product. Others are going to love it too. However, just don’t get excited too soon. This won’t be possible if people are not noticing you. For things to go in your favor, you need the customers to first spot you as a brand among the products stacked up on the shelves. This is why we believe that you need to seriously consider every aspect of your product packaging deeply. You need to make people excited about your products with the help of your candle boxes. You need to build that feeling of thrill and joy which they can share with the rest of the world when they unbox your products in front of them.

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