Product Packaging – The Variables of Practicality

Product Packaging – The Variables of Practicality

2020-07-07 11:49:59

Are you a brand with a very strong identity? Have you been in the industry for long to set your mark firmly? Is everything mapped out about your ideal customers? Do you have a clear mind on what your customers like, how they like it, when they want it? With all these factors in your mind, do you think you have what it takes to make your Product Packaging choices highly appealing to your buyers? Know all those ways in you can enhance the user experience of your customers through the unboxing factor? If you have answered everything with yes, then you are on the right track to set sail your dreams and make them a reality. Yes, this is exactly what we are saying that you are only a number of steps away from creating a packaging box that is perfect in every way. A choice customers will not be able to take their eyes away from.

In this piece, we are going to share and discuss all those tangible aspects of your packaging choices for your products. You need to know that these factors are quite important and you shouldn’t avoid them at any cost. That is why, deep and hard consideration is needed from your end. You need to be wise about your choices and decisions related to you. This needs to be done before the design is finalized and you place a HUGE order. Are we clear on that?

Let us get going with the process now, shall we!


Are you one of those brands who thinks that having the most beautiful packaging is all they need? A beautiful packaging with great design is going to make everything right for them. Well, if you are then we are quite sorry to burst your bubble here. This is a completely wrong perception here. Sometimes, brand even after having the most enticing, exciting, eye-catching and appealing packaging are not able to set their mark or be a strong contender. In fact, their packaging is failing them miserably in making the right necessary impression on the customers. And this is probably the reason why this is happening. Enticing may be a good thing, but when a product is damaged, that is a massive no. Therefore, you need to take into consideration your product for some time. Think of how fragile it is and how easily it can be damaged. After considering this factor, then you need to think of the kind of packaging that is needed for the product. If the product is breakable, then you need to consider adding in elements within the packaging that can further assist in the safety factor of the product. It could be either tissue or bubble wrap. Or you can think of making a highly durable and strong packaging that can do it all for the product.


Think about the type of product you have. Do you have something that is going to perish or not. This is one of those factors that you seriously need to consider before any final decision is made. If you have a product that is perishable, then you need to include a little something called the airtight competent in the packaging choices of your products. Or maybe you could go for those insulated options for packaging similar to the ones RawCo uses. The brand uses the style of packaging choices mainly to pack their raw frozen meals meant for pooches.

Cost of Shipping

Everything in the packaging from its size, shape, weight, dimensions etc. are going to have a greatly impact on the cost of shipping of your goods. Therefore, you need to be careful about these factors in a number of ways. However, if you were to consider any factor out of the three, then definitely it would have to be the size of the packaging. In other words, size is that one pest that is going to give you the hardest time. In fact, if the shipping cost is also included in the final cost of the product, then it’s one trouble maker that is going to cut down your sales. Therefore, ideally it would be a sensible choice to invest in your packaging needs and solutions. If you do that, you will actually get to figure out all those ways in which you can save money. The one thing we can think up of packaging options that are space-effective as well. These will really be helpful in saving some cash.

Packaging Scalability

So what you taken into consideration your product orders? Were they on the smaller scale so far? Or you have been delivering then in a fewer larger side? Ideally, it would be best to have your labels hand stamped on the packaging choices. But wait! This may sound all right when you are delivering fewer number of products a week. But what if you need to ship about 500 packaging boxes on a weekly basis? Will hand stamping still be possible in such a time? Perhaps when you consider the sum that you will be able to save at the end of the week, you might be able to make it possible. But then again, if you think of having no labels at all, that can seriously cost you. Then again, it’s ideal that you be realistic when it comes to your packaging scalability here. It may seem like a doable thing when you need to ship 500 packaging, however, if the number is greater, then you also know that’s a massive number of boxes. Hand stamping here is simply not realistic nor doable, let us tell you that. At least never ever in the long run. This is one thing that you need to think seriously.

Brands are looking for all those ways in which they can be ensured they will be strong in the running. Well, our advice to them would be following these techniques when they are in the process of considering their Mascara Packaging. Rest assured, these brand will be just fine because they are following all those methods that ensure success.

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