Printed Packaging – Variables of Practicalities

Printed Packaging – Variables of Practicalities

2021-07-09 11:06:09

Do you think you have a brand identity that is solid and strong? Do you think you have mapped out all key elements for your customers? Do you know all the things they like and all the things they don’t? Is your Printed Packaging design and style super appealing to them? Have you figured out the way in which you can boost the customer’s unboxing experience? If you have answered all of these with a yes, then its high time you move on to making your vision a reality. Yup! That’s true. You are nearly a few steps away from making your packaging perfect in every regard for your customers. Surely, they won’t be able to keep their eyes away from the choices.

Printed Packaging with Practical Elements

So in this piece, we will discuss all the tangible aspects of the packaging for your products. Keep in mind that these aspects can play a key role in the overall results you get from your packaging. In short, they are quite important and shouldn’t be missed. Therefore, you must consider these factors quite seriously and deeply. You need to be wise before finalizing any design for your packaging and placing that incredibly HUGE order.

So with that, we are going to begin.

The Functionality Aspects

You need to think of the product you are manufacturing and its nature. Do you have something that is perishable? You must consider this factor quite seriously before you finalize anything for your packaging from its style to its design. For instance, if you have a product that is perishable, then you must consider a factor known as airtight that you must include in your packaging as a key component. Or maybe if you have seen the packaging options created by Raw Co, you too can have those insulated style choices. Though they mainly pack frozen meals for your beloved pooch, but this is the style they have been using.

The Aspect of Durability for These Cartridge Packaging

Do you think that your packaging options are the most beautiful and intriguing thing that can make all things right? Well, we are really sorry to burst your imaginary bubble but this is not entirely true. There will be times even when you have the most alluring, eye-catching, attractive and appealing packaging options, still they are unable to make the right impression on the buyers. The thing we can say is, enticing and exciting may be a good thing, but when the product itself is damaged then it’s a huge No. Customers will not want to purchase a damaged product just because the packaging was super appealing. You must keep in mind they are purchasing the good for the product itself and not the Cartridge Packaging alone. Although it is the packaging that convinces the customers to purchase this product in the first place. But still, at the end of the day, they are investing in the product. So that needs to be usable and in the best condition.

Now you must think about your product for some time. Think of its nature and how fragile it is. Do you think you have something that can easily get damaged? With that, you must consider the type of packaging for the purpose. If you are manufacturing a product that can break easily, then you need to include elements in the packaging that will ensure the safety in every way possible. You can either make the packaging itself strong enough or you can ensure you can adding enough fillers or cushioning in the boxes.

The Charges That Shipping Cost

Everything in your packaging from its size, shape, weight, and other specs, all of these will definitely make a massive impact on the shipping cost. If you have a lightweight product, the charges will be lesser. However, with a heavy packaging and product, the cost will considerably go high. But let’s have a look at that one factor that can have the most impact on all of this – size. You can say size is the real troublemaker here. Especially when brands include the cost of shipping to the product’s final price. Therefore, ideally brands need to be sensible about their investments and seek out the best packaging solutions. They need techniques and solutions that will help them in saving the cost. For instance, you can have a packaging that can is space-effective rather than just cost effective. This will definitely help in saving cash.

E-Cigarette Packaging and the Factor of Scalability

So far, you have been dealing with orders in smaller quantities. Or have these been fewer on the larger side? Ideally, if it has been something like this, then you’d better hand stamp your packaging labels on these options? But don’t just jump on that right away. Have you considered the amount of effort or hard work you’ll have to put in to these E-Cigarette Packaging that you need to ship out every week? Do you think you can still hand stamp this much amount of packaging on a weekly basis? Perhaps when you think of the amount you’ll get to save at the end of the week, you might be intrigued. Moreover, when you know there aren’t any labels on the packaging, this factor can be quite costly. In saying that, there are times when you really need to be realistic about this whole scalability factor. You can say that 500 packages on a weekly basis might seem something doable. But what if the number goes up to 1500. Don’t you think that is a lot of boxes? This is the kind of number that is neither realistic nor workable. Especially not in the long run. Therefore, you need to consider this factor from all aspects.

You must really think of applying these techniques when you are designing and considering your packaging options. When you do, at the end of the day you will realize you are in safe hands – in this case packaging.

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