Printed Kraft Boxes- the Right Time to Get Them

Printed Kraft Boxes- the Right Time to Get Them

2021-02-08 07:44:17

If you’ve just started your business and you’ve been researching about the different types of packaging, it is highly likely that you would have come across Kraft material. Have you been wondering what that is and whether it’s suitable for customization to represent your product? If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. Here’s your ultimate guide to bespoke boxes, covering everything you need to know about Kraft, its properties, its customizability, etc. So let’s get started!

Printed Kraft boxes and its properties

Before we move on to how Kraft can be customized, let’s discuss the properties of Printed Kraft Boxes, and why they’re the best material to package your product. Kraft is basically a type of paperboard or paper. The reason why it’s called ‘Kraft’ is because it’s produced from chemical pulp that has been produced in the ‘Kraft process.’ This process involves converting wood into wood pulp that’s used to make the paper. Unlike most other wood-based papers, Kraft is much stronger. This is because during the Kraft process, most lignin is removed from the wood.

What makes it a popular choice among both manufacturers and consumers is because of its sustainable properties.  In addition to this, it’s also relatively cheaper compared to other types of papers used in the packaging industry. It doesn’t need to be bleached, unlike other types of material. This ensures maximum strength of this paper, and also further reduces the cost for manufacturers.

It’s sustainable because most of the chemicals used in manufacturing Kraft are recovered, and then reused. Here’s why Kraft paper is the ideal choice for packaging your products:

  • Since its lightweight, the shipping costs are reduced by a huge degree.
  • It is durable, with a course texture, and it’s flexible which means it protects your product in a better way compared to other types of materials.
  • Using this material to package your products is a great way to impress customers. It will put them under the impression that you care about the environment which increases the chance of your product being purchased.
  • Its unique texture and outlook are going to help capture customers’ attention.
  • The low lignin content ensure durability, and make the paper more hard-wearing than other materials. You can judge its high durability by the fact that Kraft is the German word for strength.
  • The neutral characteristics of this paper make it highly customizable which means you can customize and alter it the way you please. What’s even better is that it’s an amazing material for printing.

Kraft for Printed Cigar Boxes

If you’re wondering whether Kraft can be used for Printed Cigar Boxes then you’re on the right track. Considering its versatility, hardness, strength, and durability, it’s an ideal material for packaging cigars. The question you should be asking now is, is Kraft even a good option for cigar packs? Let’s discuss why Kraft is the perfect material for your cigars. Here are a few features that make it perfect to pack your cigars:

Durability: Unlike most other materials, like we mentioned above, Kraft is very durable. This means it won’t disintegrate in the hands of your customer if they decide to reuse it, or use it for safekeeping.

Strength: The main feature cigar manufacturers look for in a box is its strength. With something as delicate as cigars, it is important that the container they’re kept in keeps it protected from harm that might come to the product during shipping and handling. Kraft’s strength makes it ideal for cigars.

Customizability: When it comes to packaging of cigars, the most important thing is the outlook and appearance of the box. It’s necessary that the material you’ve selected is customizable, and suitable for printing. The good news is, Kraft is very customizable, and can be altered to fit your needs. This makes it the ideal choice for cigar packs. You can even change the design of the box completely for example by adding a window, etc.

Low Cost: If you aren’t willing to invest a huge sum in the packaging of your product and you want to focus more on the quality of the product, then this is the right option for you. Like we mentioned earlier, Kraft is really cheap compared to other materials such as wood, paperboard, cardstock etc.

Appearance: Kraft is very different from your typical cardboard or paperboard packs. They have a more neutral look to them which means, if designed aesthetically, they can attract a huge number of customers. Their unique finish, and texture help grab the attention of your customers.

Kraft and Printed Pre Roll Boxes

If Kraft is so beneficial and suitable for enclosing your cigars, then isn’t it a good option for Printed Pre Roll Boxes too? The answer to this question is, it is undoubtedly a good choice for pre roll packs. If customized properly, using attractive features such as graphics, and catchy fonts, pre roll packs can play a huge role in impressing your customers. The thing is, for pre roll packs, you require a material that is strong and also durable. This means that it can be used repeatedly without the fear of the package being damaged due to external conditions. Since Kraft is cheap, it is going to save you a ton of money if you use it for your pre roll pack, rather than using something more expensive such as cardstock, or paperboard. There is a reason why the popularity of this sustainable material is rising to such an extent. People are now switching to sustainable methods and practices to save the environment. Keeping this in mind, using Kraft to pack your products is going to help you boost sales. In addition to increasing sales, it’s also going to help you save additional money that you would have spent on the more expensive types of material. Just because it’s low cost doesn’t mean it isn’t high quality!

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