Printed Kraft Boxes- a Necessity or Choice?

Printed Kraft Boxes- a Necessity or Choice?

2021-04-22 05:48:35

Packaging is not a choice but a necessity as it is the chief conveyer of the brand image to the end user. This is due to the fact that package is the first feature that the client lays eyes on and hence, holds great significance as it either piques interest of the client or loses it. In order to notably impact the customer, design of package should be versatile but unique and impactful at the same time. Several factors that aids in perceiving the importance of printed Kraft Boxes for brands.

Building Brand Image with Printed Kraft Boxes

Display of a product i.e. its packaging has adverse effects on the brand image it is representing. Consistency in the design is a key to leaving a lasting impact as, initially, viewers start associating the design with the quality of the product. This aids the brand in being distinguished form the rest of the brands advertising/ selling the same kind of product. This is crucial or else would result in decreased sales even though the type of product is in demand. But the packaging designed in not fulfilling its purpose. Hence, they play an important role in promoting a product.

Improved Marketing and Advertising

If the packaging is designed with customer psychology in mind by targeting the exact audience that the product is being made for, it might be an intriguing experience and consequently impact the marketing immensely. Due to various factors, most of the brands endorses their products online which makes social media a great platform to advertise products. If the package is fascinating to the viewer, the company might get sponsors without even trying which will contribute to the advertising campaigns, hence cutting packaging in the limelight and boosting sales and acknowledgment greatly.

Securing the Product Inside

Packaging also plays a vital role in protecting the product wrapped inside from damage from external factors. This mainly depends upon the product inside and the level/ layers of packaging it requires. Customers would very obviously, not be content if the package arriving is damaged somehow, and this will affect the brand image as well as be a source of discomfort for the company and the client both. This would also cut down profits of the company as all the compensations for the damaged product will be made at the company’s expense. Therefore, ensuring safety of the product being packaged while also being cost efficient and sustainable about it increases sales greatly.

Printing Cigarette Boxes Stops Moisture to Enter

If the product like cigarette is sealed and packaged enough as is required by the product, it will be in the interest of both the company and the client. It will reduce chances of pilferage when the package is being handles by a third party and be more secure. That is why Printed Cigarette Boxes are very common and no other means of packaging can take their place so far. Special printing designs on the boxes are made that allows the customers to see the brand name and all the details about the cigarettes.

Relaying Information

Packaging plays an important role in conveying the fundamental information of the tobacco brand and particular product encased inside. These could include details like:

  1. Manufacturing/ expiry dates
  2. The constituents of product
  3. Brand logo
  4. Contacts of the company where they can be reached on
  5. Where is the product manufactured in?
  6. Is there an age range for the product?
  7. Are there any side effects or withdrawal symptoms etc.?

Stimulating Interest of Cigar Lovers

The last but not the least factor is the impact packaging has on the viewers. This drastically impacts the sales of a particular brand and hence should be the foremost approach to solve when designing a packaging. It is essential to maintain a clear visual communication with the targeted audience and maintaining an element of surprise for the viewer within the packaging. This keeps everything intriguing and gives an ultimate unboxing experience. Apart from the ‘design’ of package the shape also plays a vital role as it can either enforce the whole design and hinders its marketing. It adds value to the product and decides what message to convey.

Need for Printed Cigar Boxes to Depict Luxury

When the cigars are packed in the pocket side box, their quality is checked multiple times because some of the packing alternatives ruin the taste. Also, the best part about the Printed Cigar Boxes is that they can show a luxurious touch to the customers. In order to realize the importance of packaging for a particular brand, a good company could do an analysis of its current and previous sales can be done. This will not only aid the company in perceiving its significance but help it in making its future deals. A main focus could be to propose designs and strategies that would distinguish them from their fellow competitors. Another approach could be to do a comprehensive study of ethos, pathos and logos that contribute to the marketing of the particular brand. This would influence the sales by enriching experience of the clients. Ethos could be implemented by convincing user of the credibility of the company. Pathos appeals to emotion and hence can be targeted accordingly. Logos appeals to logic. This can be done by persuading the user by presenting facts and figures of the company’s profits or as pleased.

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