Preserve Environment with Kraft Packaging

Preserve Environment with Kraft Packaging

2020-09-08 08:04:09

The planet earth is going through a difficult time. Due to the technological advancement and the growth of population, earth’s resources are depleting at an alarming rate. Humans are not only hurting other species that they share the planet with, but are also producing so much waste that it has become very difficult to get rid of it. Therefore, in order to get rid of it, the only way is to burn it, which is even more difficult. At times like these, everyone needs to lend a hand and show responsibility by using eco-friendly and recyclable material. Kraft Packaging is an amazing option that can help us in these difficult times to reduce environmental pollution.

Advantages of using Kraft cartons

There are a number of advantages of using containers made out of Kraft. Here are some of those.

Biodegradable solution

One of the most important advantages of using Kraft material for making a box is that it is biodegradable. As explained above, getting rid of waste is a very difficult thing to do. You either need to have large fills or simply burn them. Both these methods are very hazardous for the environment. Creating landfills increases land pollution, whereas burning waste products create air pollution, which causes greenhouse effect and is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer. So the only viable option is to use biodegradable materials. Biodegradable materials are those materials that do not require a lot of effort in order to get rid of them. The reason is that they react with various elements present in the environment due to which they decompose over time.


As explained above, creating large landfills or dumping in the oceans is very hazardous for the environment. Therefore, the need is to use biodegradable materials. But not everything is biodegradable. In case when you cannot use biodegradable material, the other option is to use recyclable materials. Kraft is one of those materials that is also recyclable, in addition to being biodegradable. Therefore, it is very beneficial, both for the manufacturer as well as the environment.

The brown box

People nowadays are a lot aware about their health. The reason is that they have access to a lot of information regarding their health. In the past few decades, people have been using synthetic food items a lot, due to which there are a number of serious health issues. Therefore, the doctors and researchers have found out that now people need to get back to using organic items as compared to using synthetic items. This is a great chance for manufacturers that are producing products that are organic. The brown box, due to its appearance, gives a unique and organic look to the products that are packed in it. Therefore, by using the brown box for packing your eatable items, you can give the organic look, that the customers are looking for.

Apart from providing an organic look, there are a number of techniques through which you can have long lasting and impressive printing on the boxes made out of Kraft as well. Therefore, by using those techniques, you can not only carry out your brand promotion, but also print information regarding the ingredients that you are using in your products. This is also a way in which you can show that not only is your box made out of organic raw materials, but the contents are also organic and are suitable for health.

Comparison with plastic and Styrofoam

Another material that a number of companies, restaurants and bakeries are using is plastic and Styrofoam. A recent research has found out that using Styrofoam or plastic to carry hot food items is very hazardous for health. So instead they should either use aluminium or Kraft materials. But as explained above, aluminium and various other elements are neither decomposable, nor they can be recycled and re-used as easily as Kraft. Therefore, for the packaging and carrying for hot food items, Kraft is the best material.

Shelf life

When packaging various food items, you want the boxes to be able to preserve the freshness and to save them from various environmental effects as well. There are a number of techniques available these days like coating etc. that allow you to use various materials inside or outside the Kraft cartons. They not only allow you to preserve the freshness of the food items, but also help you in extending the shelf like of the products as well. This allows your customers to get the best and fresh products from your brand every single time, which allows you to gain their trust and make them your long lasting and loyal customers.


Kraft is one of the materials that is highly durable. Due to this, it is very suitable for packaging of a number of delicate items. It offers a lot of resistance against impacts, external pressure and various environmental effects as well. Therefore, they are highly suitable for shipping of various products over long distances as well.

The high durability of Kraft also makes it suitable for the packaging of a number of delicate items as well. For example, it is highly suitable if you want to ship any fragile items over long distances and also a very good Candle Packaging material as well. The reason is that it protects them from breaking or bending out of shape so that the customers get the item exactly the way you have intended.

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