Popular Cosmetic Boxes Designs for Different Products

Popular Cosmetic Boxes Designs for Different Products

2020-07-09 08:46:57

In a competitive market it is difficult to get the ball rolling for a new cosmetic brand. There are various new brands that do not get their deserving market share due to the low quality packaging and boxes. Due to huge range of products in cosmetics, famous brands target the customers with different strategy to get more sales. One of the strategy is to use different styles of Cosmetic Boxes for different products so ladies can impress from presentation and outlook of the items. If we categorize the cosmetic items into three categories we will be able to understand the styles and designs of boxes that famous brands use for each of these categories. Lip cosmetics, hair cosmetics and eye cosmetics are three major categories that are sold in boxes. Let’s discuss common designs of boxes that are used for each type of cosmetic items.

Common styles of boxes for lip cosmetics

Every lady want to make her lips look beautiful as it adds to the overall beauty of any women. Due to this the lip cosmetics are always in demand and brands try hard to win more and more sales. A number of box styles are customized according to the product structure and layout. These styles include tube box style which is used for lip glosses, lipsticks and lip balm packaging. Manufacturers also customize these boxes by adding a hang tab on top of their boxes that provides ease in making them prominent at the store. This helps in getting customers attention quickly and making more chances of sales for the customers. Mostly the boxes structure is sleek and small but for products like liquid glosses that have a container like cream are packed in cube shapes boxes with a tuck end opening and closure styles.

For multiple lip glosses and lipsticks, display box style is also used which showcases the features of lip cosmetics more clearly to the customers. It allows to accommodate multiple items in a time and highlight their appeal on the cosmetic store. There are different types of display boxes that are used for lip cosmetics which includes counter top boxes, display boxes with lid and peg hook box style.

Extensively used box designs for eye cosmetics

Products like mascara, eye shadow, eyelashes and eyeliners are some of the most demanding eye cosmetic products that are sold in the market by different brands. These products are packed in boxes that are customized to the size of the products. Eye shadow palettes are rectangular and are made in different sizes so the packaging boxes used for them are rectangular and do not have very high depth. On the other hand, the boxes of eyelashes are made with thick cardboard and have a die cut window in them to give a clear view to the customers. Cardboard boxes are made with a capacity to accommodate large quantity of eyelashes pair therefore the box is comparatively larger than other eye cosmetics. They have a hinged box styles and rectangular shape that keeps the lashes protected inside.

Other than these products, mascara and eyeliners are also very demanding. The boxes for both of these products are sleek and have a tube shape design with a die cut window on front panel. Tuck end style boxes are easy to customize and assemble and this is why mascaras are packed inside these boxes. Gift boxes are also designed for mascara and eyeliners that are elegant and are made from rigid stock. You will find them just like a makeup kit box that are heavy and graceful as compared to the retail boxes for cosmetics.

Hair cosmetics and range of boxes for them

Unlike eye and lip cosmetics that have similar kinds of boxes, hair cosmetics have a huge range. From gel to sprays and hair extensions, they all are different in uses and all have different kind of customers. Gels and wax are common among the young boys whereas the sprays and hair extensions are mostly used by ladies to beautify their hairs. Different styles that are used for hair extension packaging include pillow box styles with a die cut window. The boxes are larger in size and smaller in width but are protective for the wigs because they are very sensitive and expensive. Mostly they are made from cardboard material but rigid stock can also be used for gift purposes. For gels and sprays, custom printed boxes are designed with the name of company and logo printed on them. Round boxes as well as tube boxes are made in upright designs for spray bottles that keep them safe from spilling out.

For most of the cosmetic items cardboard and rigid material are commonly used but now with the demand of recyclable packaging, Kraft Boxes are also making their way in the industry. They can be printed but they do not reflect colors in a very attractive way as compared to cardboard. For herbal cosmetics they are a best choice because the herbal products manufacturers want to give their customers a feel of organic product from the packaging. Kraft made boxes fulfill their requirement and they can pack and sale their product in them effectively.

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