Pillow Boxes - An Economical yet Attractive Packaging Solution

Pillow Boxes - An Economical yet Attractive Packaging Solution

2020-08-06 08:06:47

In the retail industry, where the new companies keep entering with new products, there is never ending competition for any manufacturers. They have to keep on working on the quality and standards for better sales and marketing. Customers on the other hand buy the product for which they are used to or are brand conscious to any company’s product. For a new company it is very difficult to make a statement in such a competition. Therefore, the only thing that can make a way for them is the presentation and attractive outlook which can get attention of the customer quickly. The use of exciting Pillow Boxes for promotion of your newly launched products can get the ball rolling for the start-ups and new business. They have the availability to be customized in various sizes and styles and various add-ons can be added on them. If we see the usability of these boxes, there are number of products that can be packed inside them. Let’s explore the products that can be packed in them for the sake of better presentation and promotion.

Unique boxes design used for jewelry display

Luxury items should have a very special outlook that can increase the opulence of that product. Due to this, the manufacturers take care of the box they use for them. Just like when the jewelry is displayed they use stylish pillow shape boxes that are white in color. They have die cut space on them which allows the customer to see and touch the elegant jewelry from them which also convinces the buyer to buy them from the shop. Also when exciting add-ons and latest finishing is added on top of them, it makes them look classy and help in improving sales for the manufacturers.

Shirts packaging in cardboard pillows

The apparel products are highly demanding and due to this there are number of companies and brands that have made a very high competition for new clothing companies. In this circumstances the use of pillow shaped packaging can help in promoting the brand and product. Shirts can be packed and displayed at the retail for the customers to notice and buy them. The decorated box will surely get the attention of the customer and when it is made in pillow shape it will look adorable to them. Whether it is men or women, they would love to see and check what is inside. Apart from that, if want to promote the deals on your clothing items you can also use them to make customers aware about your new offers so that you can make better profits from your campaigns and special offers.

Tea light candles

There are different types of candles that are used for different purposes. The advancement in the types of candles have also generated the need for attractive packaging for that. In this situation, the small tea lights manufacturers also want to get better market share. The use of pillow shaped cardboard containers for tea lights is a very good solution for them because they are lightweight and can be easily carried in them. Even more than one candle can be packed easily in them and manufacturers will be able to sell more of them at a time. Furthermore, user can take the candles along to picnic, restaurants or any other place without getting them damage or losing shape.

Candies and chocolates for gift giving

In different occasions and events, gift giving is a tradition, especially in the Christmas, Easter and New Year eve every kid love to get gifts like candies and chocolates from their elders.  All the gifts are packed in a proper packaging which is colorful and attractive for the recipient. Likewise, the cardboard pillows provide opportunity to decorate gifts with amazing outlook by packing in them. These boxes can be theme printed according to the occasion and are spacious enough to keep multiple candies, chocolates and other gift items. They can be added with handle for easy carrying of the product and cosmetic items like eyelashes and foundations can be packed in them. They are a perfect for gift giving because their structure is small, cute and attractive that can increase the worth of your gifts. Also for those, who run a gift shop, pillow shaped packaging is perfect to be used for product display. Jewelry, toys and many other small items can be showcased in them to impress customers. They have the ability to multiply the charm of any product with their appealing presence.

Face masks packaging

The demand of face masks is increased after the Covid-19 and people consider it mandatory to wear surgical masks. Due to this different companies and famous brands are now selling the face masks in expensive prices and they also choose pillow style packaging for that. The reason is that it can protectively enclose multiple face masks without ruining their quality and can promote the brand as well. When the boxes are printed with logo and company name, they become beneficial for the companies. This goes for all kinds of products, whether it is Soap Boxes or any other because manufacturers use them for marketing purposes as well. Also by making the with Kraft material, it becomes easier for them to get the customers trust as it reflect the eco-friendly approach of the company using it. This is how they get different benefits from them.

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