Package your lip balm boxes with seven easy steps

Package your lip balm boxes with seven easy steps

2019-12-12 12:39:28

The product which looks good sells quickly. But how can you make your product look good when it is packed in a box? The simple answer is packaging. When it comes to lip product, you can use custom lip balm boxes to showcase your product perfectly. Custom packaging can do wonders for your business if designed with creativity.

From capturing customer’s eye to delivering the product information, lip balm packaging can play many roles for your business. Before starting the design process for your cosmetic product, here are some points to ponder

Know your customer’s needs

For whom you are designing the lip balm boxes? Definitely for your loyal customers! But have you conducted your research to know their requirements regarding lip balm containers? The more detail you will get from customers the easier it will be to design an effective packaging design. Consider yourself in customers place and provide all essential detail to packaging expert.

What are the distributor requirements?

You have two types of clients; one is your customers and one who distributes your product. You must cater to the needs of both by fulfilling their requirements regarding custom cosmetic boxes. You must know the following points.

  • What will be the shipment process?
  • How your product will be stacked or laced on the shelves?
  • What is the POS of your product?

Where and how the product will get sold?

When you are designing a retail lip balm packaging, the placement of your product is a key factor in the design process. Visit the store to know more about the point of sale. Usually, the high-quality cosmetic product has a place on the front-facing the customers. Your packaging should always be shelf-ready with an appealing design.

Consider your product’s need

Like your customers, the product also has some packaging requirements. Lip balm is not a much fragile item but it needs initial level protection. Choose a high-quality material which protects the container from getting damaged. It should also keep the product from moisture and temperature.

Choose a good packaging supplier

Finding a good packaging supplier for lip balm packaging is a crucial step. You must not compromise on the quality by taking a cheap deal. Consider quality, delivery time and customer service while choosing a manufacturer.  A reputed company charges you more but it is worth it.

What is your budget?

Prepare the budget for your packaging boxes before setting the price for your product. You must prepare yourself for additional cost and expenses. Budget will help you to make a smarter choice while designing the packaging. Your packaging designer can provide you with more affordable options which also suit your needs.

Finalize the design for boxes

When it comes to the design for your lip balm containers, lots of things count it. First of all, a high-quality material matter for your boxes, after it you should decide the shape, size, density, and weight for the boxes. There are a lot of color, patterns and graphic options available. But choose what complements your product more.

Designing the perfect packaging for a small cosmetic product like lipstick boxes can be a difficult task. But with the above tips, you can undoubtedly beat the competition with less effort. A well-designed packaging not only benefits your product but also your business. To get the best result, you must contact a packaging company.

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