Make your brand stand out with soap boxes

Make your brand stand out with soap boxes

2020-03-19 07:15:00

The soap industry is getting competitive every day and in the coming few years, the competition will only get tougher. What does it mean? More brands in the market, more choice for the customers and fewer chances of success especially for new startups. A recent study reveals shopper's habit of judging the product by its packaging. Almost 50% of the sales in the soap industry depend on the packaging of soap boxes. As the market has become more saturated, how can you make your brand stand out? The perfect solution is to customize your packaging.

Mae customer experience memorable with soap packaging

When your product resides on the shelves, no one can convince the shoppers to purchase the product and its packaging. Custom packaging, when designed in the right way, can be more than just a container to hold the product. Here are some reasons to opt for custom boxes for your soap business.

Provides a great first impression

A shelve aisle full of the same kind of products offering the same features is confusing. But a unique packaging will be able to take make a great first impression and stand out among the noises. Customers remember visually appealing things. That's why attractive custom cereal box packaging not only attracts customers but also retain it.

For any business, packaging plays a huge role. Sometimes packaging makes your product sell better as compared to other strategies. When you are in the market for so long, you should be responsible for how your packaging box should have aesthetic appeal.

Give your customers something to remember

Soap packaging which is unique and appealing always makes your product rememberable. It will keep your brand fresh in the customer's mind for the next purchase. When you will be able to provide a positive experience to customers, they will surely come to you for future buying.

Customers don't have to remember every detail about the soap packaging design. There are little things that can be the game-changer. It can be the typography, color, graphics or the unboxing. So, you should work on every element of the design.

Make your product stand out

Custom packaging with your logo and name always result in higher brand recall and that’s what all business want. You should not miss this opportunity to take your brand further. Make packaging the part of your promotion and marketing strategy.

One thing which you can do is to make your packaging boxes a reflection of your brand. If your brand promotes eco-friendliness, the boxes should also show it. You can choose natural and subtle colors for your boxes. Use graphics and images which show recycling and reusability.  Soap brands that want to show delicacy and class, the subtle design is the best option.

Don’t you have an appealing logo and not decided your box design yet? Worry not; many packaging experts can turn your imagination into reality.  Take the help of professionals to make sure your design files.

Keep your customers in mind while designing

Another important aspect of designing packaging is to consider your customers. Know the needs of your ideal audience, whether they want luxury or prefer something simple. The more you try to understand the customers, the more it will be easy for you to customize the box design. Here are some points to follow.

What is your product?

Soaps usually come in simple shapes but sometimes they get funky too. No matter what your product shape is, you need to have a nice and homely packaging for it. Choose a creative solution for your products by figuring out the right combination of size, shape, and safety.

How fragile is your product?

The type of packaging material and size you will choose can decide whether your product will reach to customers in intact form or not. A bad shipping experience can lead to severe damage to your brand reputation.

Choose the right box size plus add extra packaging layer in the form of cushioning. Use bubble wrap or shrink wrap for extra protection. The best thing to do is to use custom inserts to keep the product safe and in place. Bubble/shrink wrap can add cost and also is a source of waste.

What custom soap packaging can do for you?

Investing in your packaging will show customers that you value them and their experiences. To get leverage packaging for your boxes, follow the below-mentioned tips.

It increases product value

A premium packaging box ultimately improves product perception. Using custom soap boxes with a window will provide a true insight into your product. It will increase the customer's interest in your brand. It will make customers more excited about the purchase.

Social media shares

The packaging is a great way to increase brand exposure through social media. Create hashtags for your brand, take pictures and share unboxing videos on your platforms.

Create brand loyalty

When we talk about brand loyalty, customers admit that when a product comes in customized packaging, it provides them confidence in the purchase. It means that customers will come to you for repeat purchases.

If you want to take the next for your soap or cereal boxes brand, it is time to customize your packaging. Only premium packaging can get you through a competitive market.

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