Make customers fall in love with your lip balm boxes

Make customers fall in love with your lip balm boxes

2019-12-13 06:15:24

When it comes to making a lasting impression with your product, packaging has a major role to play. If you want customers to fall in love with your lip balm boxes, you need to be perfect in every department. If the packaging is poor, nobody will give an eye to it. Customers often made their buying decision solely depending on the product boxes. So, cosmetic brands must pay full attention to all the aspects of the packaging.

Here are some tips from our side to make customer going made over your cosmetic packaging.

Focus on the structure

When it comes to the design, a lot of things count in. The foremost thing to do is to select the box shape. Square and rectangle are pretty normal for lip balm packaging. You can also think outside the box by choosing something unusual. But keep ease and convenience in mind. Mailer boxes are great to excite the customers.

Manage customer’s expectations

Customers always expect something special when it comes to cosmetic boxes. Try to manage all the demands and expectation from the very start. Do your research or ask open questions to the people in cosmetic stores. Secondly, always provide the correct information; don’t portray the wrong image of the product and lastly communicate with customers to know their needs better.

Make use of promotional inserts

One of the simplest ways to bring the surprise factor in your lip balm containers is the use of promotional inserts. You can make customer fell loved by using different deals; a personalized note, a discount offer or a sample of your new lip balm. It will make customers come to you again and again.

It’s all about the durability

Have you ever experience bad shipping?? If yes then you can feel the pain of received a damaged product. Bad shipping always results in returns and you can even lose a loyal customer. So, it is crucial to use a durable material for custom cosmetic boxes. To pack more than one item, make use of packaging dividers. It will keep all the items at a place.

Be authentic about your product

Relationships are all about the trust especially when it comes to customer and brand relation.  If you are not loyal to your customers, they can change their preferences. Don't make your product look better with fake images and wrong information. Customers may but the product by inspiring from outer packaging. But they will only get disappointed on seeing the actual product.

Un boxing experience matters a lot

Apart from the design, another thing which matters the most is unboxing. A great unboxing experience can help you to win the customer's heart. A simple and minimal approach can make the whole process rememberable. Try to use laminations and costing for a ret texture. Have you heard about the scented packaging?? It is also a great element of unboxing.

Think about the additional details

It is okay sometimes to ditch the usual things. Like instead of using the standard boxes you can use special die-cut options. A great finish can turn a usual lip balm box into a luxurious one. So, try to use finishing options like embossing, spot UV, debossing, foil stamping and gold stamping as well. It will add a little to your whole packaging cost.

Take customer’s feedback

To see whether customers are happy or unsatisfied with your packaging is to take feedback. It will let you know the WOW factor in your packaging.  You can ask about the customer's opinion on your social media handles or encourage customers to review the lip balm packaging. It will only help you to get better.

By using the above ideas, you can successfully design the best lip balm packaging or even the best lipstick boxes in town. If you are looking for different opportunities to design the best and to provide customers with something exceptional, you must work with an expert or should place an order at a packaging company.

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