Make an impression on your customers with Custom lip balm boxes

Make an impression on your customers with Custom lip balm boxes

2019-12-13 13:25:51

Lip balms are equally important for men and women to keep their lips soft.  Due to the increasing demand for lip products, brands are working on its packaging and prefer custom lip balm boxes as a complete solution. Lip balms are small products that require unique packaging. But custom packaging boxes ensure that your lip balms look good on the shelves. It not only attracts customers but also encourages them to buy the product.

While visiting cosmetic or general stores, you will several products are waiting for customer’s attention from ages. The simple reason for no sales is dull and boring packaging. In short "If it does not look good then it will not get sell”. Make your custom packaging wholesale not only look good but it should also protect the product. Lip balm is a fragile item due to its product content. You should design the packaging according to the product needs and requirements.

To design the perfect custom boxes, every little detail matters. Lip balm packaging requires your effort time and money. There are many ways which can help you to make your custom lip balm boxes look perfect from start to the end. Here are some tips from the packaging experts of custom packaging pro.

Keep the design simple

For custom lip balm boxes, follow the design principle KISS (Keep it simple stupid).  Less is always more or you can say more than enough. Packaging should do what it is designed for.  Don’t overdesign the packaging to sell the product. It can have a negative effect on the product's sales.

Lip balms usually come in a tube or small round bottles. Choose the small boxes and also keep the shape simple. Print only necessary information on the box. Use simple and soft colors. Simple packaging will sell better as compared to complex packaging.

Prefer durability and safety

Use high-quality material for your lip balm packaging. Protection should be your top priority, whether you sell your product online or in stores. If your product will reside on the shelves, the box should not get dull with time. If you are going to ship the product, packaging should ensure safety until its delivery.

Cardboard boxes are the popular choice of retailers as it increases the lifespan of the product. These boxes protect the lip balm from any risk.  Durable packaging provides protection even after the purchase of the product.

Get the customer’s attention

Catching the customer’s eye doesn’t need much effort.  Anything can click and can make you lucky. You can research your targeted market to know what they want in lip balm packaging wholesale. Customers don’t spend more than 10 seconds to visualize the product. You have little time to impress customers with packaging boxes. Keep a balance in your design and try to refresh your lip balm packaging to maintain customer’s loyalty.

Think about the typography

Information on the custom lip balm boxes should be simple and clean.  It should not be hard for customers to read the printed text. No matter your product will be in stores or available online, the text should be clear.  Choose a simple font and keep the information to the point. Only print the necessary information and omit the useless text. Customer usually notice only the product name, brand name, and product information.

Allow for redesign

New trends keep on coming in the packaging industry or customer's demand are keep on increasing. So, it is important that your lip balm boxes should allow for the redesign. Always keep the space to refresh your packaging. If you have to redesign the boxes, only make slight changes in the design. Don't overdo the design, it will make hard for customers to recognize the packaging.

Focus on recyclability element

Almost all customers worry about how their product will affect the environment. Most of the customers prefer recyclable packaging. That’s why companies who opt for green packaging see more sales. Make your packaging eco-friendly by choosing Kraft boxes. These boxes are 1005 recyclable and reusable.  It will create your positive image and help to boost sales.

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