Low-cost packaging ideas to make your soap boxes look cool

Low-cost packaging ideas to make your soap boxes look cool

2019-12-12 11:16:41

The packaging is not just about customizing the product box. It is an opportunity to build your identity among customers especially in the competitive business of soap. If you design your soap boxes uniquely and creatively, you can make a strong impact on the audience. Investing in cool and exciting boxes is worth it.  It will not only draw more customers but also boost up the sales.

If you are looking for some unique and cool ideas, custom packaging pro being the soap boxes supplier is going to give you the best advice in the article below.

Die-cut boxes are a cool idea

Die-cut boxes add class to your soap packaging. These boxes are the most appealing and popular form of packaging. If you are considering it an expensive option, you are wrong. If you order at wholesale, it can reduce your cost. Some of the options are reverse tuck end boxes, seal end and reverse tuck end boxes.  Die-cut boxes with window appeal to the customers most.

Stickers and labels instead of printing

If you want to give a custom touch to soap containers but can’t afford the expense of printing, custom stickers and labels can help you out. The more you order printed stickers the more your price will go down.  If you want to properly seal your box, you can make use of the sticker.  With the help of labels, you can provide the information more effectively.

Print patterns in place of images

If you want a sleek and simple design for your soap packaging, there is no better option than printing patterns. You can make use of different printing technologies but digital can be a perfect choice. Patterns cost less than images as you need no special paper, color or ink. You can go for dotted patterns or lines but it should go along with your brand.

Packaging inserts always work

Use of inner packaging in the form of tissue papers, handwritten notes or discount offer provides a full un boxing experience to customers. Inserting a printed thinking note costs a very little. Adding a personal touch to your boxes will highlight your efforts. It can make your customers feel special. They will share this amazing experience with their family and friends.

Go for outside and inside print

More and more brands are choosing printed boxes over plain custom boxes. These boxes help you to convey your message adequately. The outside print has become a common part of the packaging. But you can surprise your customers with inside print. If you are thinking of the additional cost, it is only 5% of your packaging budget. Choose this strategy to leave a lasting impression on customers.

Use of custom soap sleeve

One of the cool ways to present your product in front of customers is to use custom soap sleeve. Drawer style packaging or sleeve boxes can make your product unique.  The soap packaging material of sleeve boxes is also durable. It is not like a whole box so customers can reuse it for storing different. In this way, your brand will stay in customer memory for longer. Moreover, it provides an exceptional un boxing experience.

Opt for some finishing options

Finishes can give your packaging boxes a high-end look. Gone are the days when stamping and embossing are expensive. Nowadays everything is done by machines which have greatly reduced the cost. But some handmade soap packaging suppliers still overlook this option.  Silver and gold foil stamping adds extra visual appeal to the box by making it a luxurious item. With the help of embossing and de bossing, you can increase the value of a usual product.

The packaging is an important part of every product to make it successful. Customized boxes are not beneficial for your brand but also your customers. Use tips provided at our blogs to package your custom Kraft soapboxes and bath bomb containers uniquely and to stand out on the shelves.

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