Lipstick Boxes and Trends of Today

Lipstick Boxes and Trends of Today

2019-12-12 11:08:59

According to a most recent survey only in United States almost 121.23 million women use lipsticks so almost same is the number of lipstick boxes in use today. It’s true that many women share their lipsticks but it is also true that most of the women keep dozens of these in their sole possession. This implies that the number of custom boxes of lipsticks required only in US today is more than 121.23 million.

Market of Lipstick Boxes

If the number of custom lipstick boxes in use only in one country is so large then it is easily understandable that the worldwide lipstick box market is surely a big market. One may claim that many manufacturers who are doing business on lower level, sale their lipsticks without packing them in any cardboard boxes. But, if you stop for a while to inspect the matter in detail, you will come to know that this is good news instead of being an upsetting one, because it simply means that the market of lipstick boxes has still not reached on saturation level. But, of course, it is now up to the efforts custom box manufacturers or wholesalers to market their boxes with such mastery that everyone may find it compulsory to purchase cardboard lipstick boxes from you and pack his product in these.

Future of Lipstick Packaging wholesale Market

Experts opine that by 2023, the number of US ladies who will be using lipsticks will rise to 123.59 million. This, too, is good news for those who deal in lipstick packaging stuff as the lipstick packaging wholesale market is expected to find more and more business in times to come. According to the basic principles of business, if demand or number of purchasers is increasing, all is well. But, another thing which is necessary for the growth of every business is the sensible and more sincere efforts to maintain and expand it. Therefore dealers of lipstick boxes need to pay more serious heed to their business by focusing on the following things.

Continuous Supply of Packaging Material

It is essential for the manufacturers and wholesalers of cardboard lipstick boxes to maintain a continuous supply of these boxes because as already some without packaging lipsticks are being sold in the market, so it is very much necessary to change this trend by ensuring a continuous, maximum and safe supply of boxed lipsticks in the market in order to ensure those who supply the unboxed items that their practice is risky for the quality and safety of the product inside.

Stylish Cardboard Boxes

The styling of all cosmetics packaging like lip balm boxes, mascara boxes, nail polish boxes, eye shade boxes, lip glows boxes, foundation boxes, hair oil boxes or customized boxes of lipsticks etc. is very much necessary because no one likes to be bored of old or same styles. A creative, artistic, unique, catchy, sober and decent styling of the boxes of all cosmetic items is necessary to maintain and enhance the sale of these products.

Credibility of Dealers of Packaging Stuff

Credibility is a key to success for every business. No business can make progress without coming up to the expectations of the customers or without fulfilling their demands. Suppose you deal in printed lip balm packaging wholesale or mascara boxes wholesale or anything else, if you fail to deliver the order in time and in accordance with the exact demand of the customer, you will lose your credibility in the packaging market and your customers will stop to purchase your lip balm boxes or mascara boxes etc.

How to Excel Other Custom Box Dealers

To come out with unique ideas, to reach new markets, to give incentives to your clients, to show maximum courtesy with your clients and to ensure easiest access for your customers are some of the ways to expand a business. Those who are dealing in competitive environments, like that of lipstick packaging wholesale or anything else, should try their best to excel other custom box manufacturers or wholesalers.

Preparation for Future Challenges of Packaging Industry

To meet the future challenges of packaging market it is very much necessary for the manufacturers of lipstick boxes or other packaging material to enhance their production ability as well as to remain in touch with new techniques of packaging. This is how they can ensure not only to maintain their profits but also to increase their share in the custom box market.

Campaign about the Benefits of Custom Boxes

The dealers, who wish to see their Kraft boxes being sold like hot cakes, need to start media campaigns as well. Through these campaigns, you don’t only need to project or praise your lip balm packaging or lipstick packaging etc. but you also need to portray the general characteristics of cardboard boxes and benefits of good boxes etc. If you could manage, through these campaigns, to realize the general public about the need and advantages of packaging as well as the disadvantages of buying unpacked or unboxed items, and they will stop purchasing such things in return then, for sure, this will be a great victory for you as well as your business.

Awareness about the Packaging of Health Products

If a media campaign guides the public about the importance of packaging of health products in order to preserve them and to maintain their quality then the market of packaging stuff like lip balm boxes will flourish rapidly.

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