Kraft soap boxes wholesale and how it affects your brand?

Kraft soap boxes wholesale and how it affects your brand?

2019-12-12 12:16:49

In today's world, everyone is making efforts to be friendlier towards the environment. From the plastic bottles to the dresses we wear, customer's always looking for the recyclability before making the final purchase. Like every business, soap brands are also shifting towards sustainable packaging in form of Kraft soap boxes wholesale.

Eco-friendly packaging is the top trend and it’s the responsibility of every brand to use it. If you are a handmade soap packaging supplier and still using non-recyclable packaging, it’s the time to switch. It not only benefits the surrounding but it is also good for your business. People will consider you a responsible and professional brand. It also helps to draw more customers and to boost up your sales.

Why Kraft boxes are in great demand?

Today's packaging is all about sustainability. Customers are becoming more conscious about the environment and are happily paying extra for the recyclable packaging. The trend is on top and soap brands need to understand the importance of sustainable packaging for their good.

For soap packaging, there are different options available for sustainable boxes. Cardboard, paperboard and corrugated are some of the popular choices of soap boxes but they are not fully recyclable. But Kraft as a soap packaging material sourced from the pulp of world is 100% ecological and it also decomposes naturally.

Here are some of the reasons which make custom Kraft soap boxes increased.

Demand Kraft is fully recyclable

One of the biggest advantages of Kraft boxes is that they are fully recyclable. It leaves no negative impact and any carbon footprints on the environment. The superior quality of the boxes also allows for the reusability. You can encourage customers to put the used boxes into recycle bin.

Provide extra protection

Apart from being eco-friendly, Kraft packaging is also a durable option. The material is not only sturdy but it is also resistance proof and waterproof. Kraft paper also protects the product from exposure of heat and light. It protects the soap chemical to react with environmental factors.

A cost-efficient solution

Custom Kraft soap boxes are easily available from different soap boxes suppliers. The material is cheap and the manufacturing process also doesn’t cost much. The plus point is that it doesn’t require much human labor which also cut down the cost to an extent.

Easy printing and customization

Kraft paper is capable of easy printing and customization. You can choose any print and because Kraft can produce a great result. There is a myth that Kraft printable soap boxes only come in brown and white color. But you can choose any colors and can design it according to your needs.

Provide a diverse range

The thing which makes Kraft unique is its diverse range. These boxes are available in a variety of size and styles. From small to medium to big, you can choose any size and style the box according to product dimensions. Kraft pillow boxes are popular among retailers for soap packaging.

Light in weight

Kraft soap boxes provide ease and convenience to customers as they are light in weight. It makes the handling and stacking process easy. The light-weight of the boxes also helps in reducing the shipping cost and energy waste. If you opt for the correct size, you can also reduce material and manufacturing cost.

Offers high-quality

The Kraft paper is of the finest quality. Apart from its eco-friendly nature, the boxes are also durable and sturdy. The custom design increases the aesthetic appeal and leaves a lasting impression on buyers. Kraft gives a classy touch to your soap boxes. Choosing it for your soap boxes will give rise to products sales.

When it comes to the perfect soap packaging, there is no better option other than Kraft boxes. You can call custom packaging pro now to know about more sustainable options for your custom boxes. We are the top soap boxes suppliers in the USA.

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