Kraft Boxes Ensure Cost- Effective Wholesale Buying

Kraft Boxes Ensure Cost- Effective Wholesale Buying

2021-04-27 07:06:39

Kraft Boxes Ensure Cost- Effective Wholesale Buying

While you are caught up in the long process of designing, manufacturing, and launching a product, the multi-purpose role of product packaging is often overlooked. Protection of the product during the warehouse storage and transport process is provided by Kraft Boxes made up of recyclable material. A wide range of materials is available for all types, sizes, and shapes of products. From corrugated cardboard for fragile and heavy products to polybags for fabric and clothing –every option can be chosen and tailored according to the product.

Kraft Boxes Can Handle Packing of Diverse Range of Items

The use of cardboard for making boxes of all sizes has been common for decades because of its biodegradable and custom options. However, a game-changing option introduced in the packaging industry is Kraft paper. Made from 100% recycled material, Kraft boxes are the most eco-friendly option and optimal for all ranges of boxes from rigid to flexible.

With the increasing inverse changes in the climate, a large part of the public worldwide is shifting towards precautionary measures which include the use of environmentally safe goods. Since Kraft paper is manufactured from discarded and already used Kraft products, using this material for your packaging boxes portrays a positive image of the brand for people direly focused on the go-green incentive. Saving the planet with the provision of quality products is the goal of these boxes!

Valuable Benefits

Besides being safe for the climate, Kraft paper has various other packaging benefits for products of all sizes and shapes.

•    Durability:
Although made initially from paper pulp and recycled, again and again, these boxes are modified and made rigid for the protection of the product inside. Light products such as fabric, fragile products made up of glass as well as heavy products such as machinery can all be packaged in these boxes with ease.

•    Diversity:
Boxes made from Kraft paper can be rigid on one hand while flexible on the other, depending upon how they are manufactured. The advantage of this quality is the variety of box designs that can be incorporated such as sleeve boxes, window, and tuck boxes to name a few. This means that these boxes can be molded into any size and shape that best complements the product.

•    Water-proof:
Kraft paper designed for rigid packaging is water-proof to a great extent which makes it protective against leaks and spillage. It also keeps the product safe from heat and humidity imposing a threat of spoilage to the product.

•    Print-friendly:
Kraft paper can be customized according to every idea and design you have in mind. It is highly print-friendly which allows the manufacture of classy packaging that contains the brand color themes, logo, and name along with the product information. These tactics help inform the customer about the brand as well as the product to make the decision of purchase easy.

What Material to Use for Cosmetic Boxes?

The beauty industry has always been one of the most successful ones. With the constant introduction of new and revised products, it keeps the attention of both men and women alike. As a manufacturer, you have to make sure you stay in the game not only with the quality of your product but also through how you choose to package and present them. The materials that you can choose to manufacture your Cosmetic Boxes from being spread across a wide spectrum. It is important to choose the best one that beats all the others in terms of benefits and cost-effectiveness. The use of cardboard boxes to package beauty products is common. All shapes and sizes of cosmetics from small lipsticks to sleek, wide eye-shadow palettes can be packaged into cardboard boxes that are designed according to the exact shape and measurements of the product. It offers the benefit of being print-friendly as well so that your box can appear visually appealing as well.

Kraft paper on the other hand can also be used to package cosmetics and beauty products. Not only can you incorporate a huge number of box styles, but it is also easily available for the application of printing options. However, a usually underestimated advantage of these boxes is the organic look that they impart. Skincare products are commonly related to natural preservation and organic ingredients free of chemicals that may cause harm to the consumer or the environment. According to these ideals, Kraft paper is the best option for manufacturing boxes to package these products. Printing of pastel colors and simple logos is easily done and the natural texture of the box itself also gives an aesthetic appeal.

Making the Outlook Appealing

The visual appeal of product packaging plays a key role in determining whether or not your product will stand out amongst hundreds of other products in the market. At first glance, the customer will be enchanted by a box that looks strong and protective. Captivating graphics and design also have an impact on how promising the product appears.

Tips to Improve Custom Packaging

To ensure that you benefit from all these advantages of packaging, it is important to customize your boxes and use the art of design to make the packaging as unique to your brand as possible. Customization can involve a combination of ideas and techniques some of which you can pick up from here. Tailor the box according to the measurement and shape of the product. The more closely it fits, the more appealing it looks. Select a unique box design that will make the product look classy and innovative and are trending in the market, like sleeve boxes common for mobile phones and window boxes popularly used for food items. Implement the latest printing methods to print a color specifically for your brand. This helps in the identification of the brand. Printing the brand name and logo helps in the promotion of the brand. Custom Packaging is encouraged because not only can you choose quality material for your boxes, but you can also establish your brand’s identity through them.

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