Interesting facts about counter display boxes

Interesting facts about counter display boxes

2020-04-17 09:45:29

Interesting facts about counter display boxes

When it comes to retail business, most sales happen on the checkout counters. Whether it is a retail store or a famous grocery store, counters can provide you some great sales. It is a place where customers mostly for inquiries and usually purchase before heading out. To improve sales, brands mostly rely on counter display boxes. These small display boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. You can customize the boxes with unique designs and colors to add more appeal. The counter displays are perfect for small products and promotional items. Brands mostly opt for counter display packaging for promotions, advertising, and product campaigns.

The range of counter displays can increase the customer's interest in your product at the POS. It helps to maximize the visual appeal and also results in an impulse purchase.  You can use the boxes for a variety of products like cosmetics, jewelry, candies, and many other items. These provide perfect display from small to medium-sized products. To overcome the low sales and to boost the product revenues, choose a counter display box that suits your needs.

Next time if you want to achieve high sales goals, you can effortlessly rely on the retail counter display boxes. Not only it helps to boost sales, but it also makes you stand out among other brands. Here are some of the key features of counter display packaging you need to know.

It highlights the product features

The main purpose of the counter displays is to highlight the product on countertops. It is a place where customers can hardly ignore your product. You must have seen the product of big brands displayed in these boxes at the checkout point. It is smart marketing and sales strategy to attract customers. To attract customer attention, you can customize the boxes with vibrant colors, graphics and bold Call to action. If you aim to promote low sale products or want to introduce an upcoming product, display boxes can be the perfect marketing tool.

It boosts up the sales

Counter displays sell your product even when customers don't have the intention to buy it. Yes, you have read it right. Presenting your products in display boxes make customer so pick up the product when they are paying at the checkout point. If they like your product, they won't mind spending a little more to get amazing products. Brands that have opted for counter displays see good sales ratios as compared to the retail shelves. If you want impulse sales, you can offer the products at discounted prices and can provide buy one get one free offer.

It can be an excellent marketing tool

When it comes to a free marketing tool, there is no better option than custom packaging. Counter displays prove to be an excellent marketing tool. It doesn't only highlights the product's features but make your product easily identifiable in the stores. You can make these boxes branded with your logo and name on the top of the boxes. Use bold and vibrant colors for showcasing your brand with the boxes. It can do your brand promotion and advertising for free. When customers like your product and its display, they will recommend your brand to others.

You can get them in any size and shape

An amazing thing about the counter display box is that it is not limited to one size and shape. Thanks to die-cut that you can have the display boxes are several sizes, shapes, and styles. Whether you want a ballot box display or a three-tier display or cabinet displays, the boxes are available in various styles. It makes them a perfect packaging solution for several products. These boxes usually come in medium and small sizes. For displaying various products or big sized items, floor displays are a better option.

Display boxes are an eco-friendly solution

One of the most popular categories of counter displays is the cardboard display boxes. But you can get the boxes in other materials as well like corrugated and paperboard. These materials are a durable option and also provide an eco-friendly solution. No matter how hard have you work on the design and quality of the product, if you don't choose eco-friendly bath bomb packaging for the displays, it can be the biggest turn off for the customers. Customers are more educated than before and you can't compromise on it. Being eco-friendly will ultimately boost up sales.

An affordable solution for product display

Counter displays make your product prominent among the crowd which may seem impossible on the shelves. The biggest misconception is that the brands think it might be a costly solution but it is not the case. Cardboard counter displays are a highly affordable and low-cost option. The boxes usually come in a small size so, you don't have to pay much for the printing and customization. Ordering in bulk is a great idea to save some more. Investing in display boxes is worth it because it ultimately helps to grow sales.

If you are constantly facing low sales on the retail shelves, try to switch to counter displays for bath bomb packaging, cosmetic packaging, and other products as well.  It is an affordable solution which ultimately results in boosting the sales without outing much effort. Choose display boxes for your products and see how things will work in your favor.

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