Increase Awareness of World Food Day with Your Food Boxes

Increase Awareness of World Food Day with Your Food Boxes

2020-07-16 12:38:21

Spreading the awareness globally about the people who suffer and even die because of hunger is our duty as a human. World food day on 16th October 2020 is bringing a chance for us to show our affection to those people and countries that are still suffering from hunger. Food is a necessity and no one should be deprived of it no matter what. People in developed countries have more than enough to buy food to live easily and they are very sensitive about eating hygienic and healthy food. They want the food packaging to be organic, nature friendly and give no harm to the eatable. This is the reason why Food Boxes are coated from inside so that if the edible make direct contact with the box, it would not affect its quality.

Use boxes to spread awareness among people

All the food businesses can spread the awareness through their packaging boxes because they are printed. Mostly the boxes are made from Kraft material which are printed in black and other ink colors and have logo, company name and various designs on them. You can print them with the pictures to promote the cause and also increase the repute of your business and company. People can get impress from your effort and will remember your restaurant or takeaway business for a long time. In United States, the use of cardboard boxes have increased from past few years, whether it is about mailing purpose, cosmetic, bakery or food packaging, boxes are used for all purpose.

Keeping this in mind, you can make your boxes different from others by using printed boxes that communicates the cause and promote world food day. It will make the boxes more purposeful and attention grabbing for your targeted customers. Those people who are not your customers would see and read the printed text from the box, they would show concern to know about your brand and finally help in branding and marketing.

Retain taste of retail food items

Companies that manufacture boxes have to meet certain standards to be eligible of making good food packaging. They have to use the right thickness of material and must meet hygienic standards authorized by the world health organization. Therefore, if you are restaurant owner or a retail food manufacturer, you must get your boxes customized from the right company. In the supermarket and grocery stores we see various manufacturers selling the same kind of cereals, tea, rice and frozen food but what makes them different is their boxes. Custom printing, design, shape and style all matters a lot in making the boxes different from the other. You must choose that style which suit your product and can retain the taste by increasing the shelf life of the edibles.

Choosing the right box design for retail food

If you are selling cereals, the box must be sealed from both sides and have the accurate dimensions to accommodate the right amount of cereals that you want. Also, if you have to make sure that moisture or any contamination cannot enter the box by any means. It is better to give a primary packaging to your product like cereals, coffee powder and rice so that they would remain safe during the display and shipping. You must not use very basic style of boxes because they do not attract the buyer to come, see and pick the product from shelve. These all things must be kept in mind before making the decision of choosing box design.

Printed boxes can make better sales opportunities

When you pack products inside the boxes, the buyer want to know about the ingredients and quantity of the product inside. Especially when you pack rice, sugar, tea or coffee, you have to tell your customer about each and every detail about it. Retailer would have no time to educate the customer on that so you have to show it all on the packaging boxes. If you use non-printed boxes you cannot do that, it is only possible when you use printed boxes for your product. You can mention expiry date, ingredients and all what makes your product special.

Even you can print the frozen food boxes because they also need to have all the detail mentioned on them. They are displayed inside the refrigerators and people can read the information from outside. So the printing must be clear and in good fonts so buyer can easily read the printed text. Color combination also matters a lot because you do not want to make your text blurry by printing a very dark color on the background. So, printing the boxes with the right scheme of colors and design can make them visible on the retail store.

Takeaway boxes offers easy food delivery

In United States, we see many takeaway restaurants in the market and all of them deliver food in cardboard or Kraft boxes. They are wax coated because the cooked food is in direct contact with them and they take help from Custom Packaging companies to make boxes for them. With customization, they add handles on top of boxes that provides the ease of carrying food. Plus, they are printed with brand name for promotion and branding on the go. Restaurants and confectioneries use these boxes for easy delivery of their edibles from one place to another.

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