Importance of bath bomb packaging in marketing

Importance of bath bomb packaging in marketing

2020-03-16 08:51:27

In the soap industry, there is saying that people judge the product by its packaging. Well-designed boxes not only make customers check the product but they ultimately believe that the product quality is good. It shows that whether it is soap or bath bomb packaging, the product design has a crucial role to play in marketing. It affects the customer's perception of the product and makes them come for repeat purchases.

Once you are ready to launch your product in the industry, you should focus on the marketing and promotion of the product even before its launch. New brands usually can’t afford the high-cost marketing channels and look for some economical solutions. Packaging can be the easiest and affordable brand ambassador for you. Align the box design with your brand and you will see how things will work in your favor.

If you are designing bath bomb boxes solely for marketing purposes, there are few things to keep in the mind.

Packaging reinforce the product perceived value

Once you have designed a high-quality product, it is time to think about the unique packaging solution for it. The packaging should be as memorable as the product itself. You need to determine the wow factor or the feeling which your packaging design should evoke. It can be the product's ease of use, the wow factor of your box design or the easy tacking of the boxes.

If you are designing eco-friendly bath bomb packaging, the design and look of the boxes should evoke a natural feeling in the customers. Depending on the product’s intent, different factors can come together to entice a unique feeling. No matter what the factor is, the ultimately gold should be to increase the perceived value of your product.

The size can be another factor that conveys the perceived product value. It means that depending on the different elements, the customers can determine whether the product is beneficial for them or not.

Colors affect the customer’s perception

Big brands are usually recognized by their product quality or the color of their packaging boxes. Colors affect the customer's perception of big-time and most probably make them buy the product. You need to understand the color psychology of your ideal customers. Bath bombs are already the sample of joy and happiness. When you will pack them in appealing color boxes, it will entice customers.

When it comes to bath bomb packaging design, colors can be your strongest marketing factor. The light or natural hues always work well for all types of customers. You can also choose the shades of your bath bomb for the packaging design. It will provide a true perception of your product.

A unique color combination also results in higher brand recall, instant recognition, and repeat purchase. Whenever customers will think about the product, the appealing colors of your boxes will instantly come to their minds. And if their first experience as good, they can become your loyal customers for a lifetime.

Packaging should be functional

Functional packaging design holds the utmost importance not only for your customers but also for the retailers. The bath bomb boxes should fulfill the main function of packaging. Choose the right material for your boxes which should prevent the damage in all conditions. The material should be of high-quality because in marketing, look matters a lot.

The product should remain in intact form when moving the retail counter display boxes from manufacturer to store and then from store to customers home. The customers should not feel disappointed with the unboxing of the product. Once you lose the customer's trust, it is impossible to earn again.

Not only the durability of the material matters, but the product should be packaged carefully. There should not be any extra void space. For a better unboxing experience, try to wrap the bath bombs n customized tissues or bubble wraps before enclosing them into the box. Apart from a nice presentation, it will also add the extra protection layer.

Visual aesthetic means a lot

What does your product's design look like? How the logo looks on the front? What typography you choose?? What colors match your brand? You need to know the answer to all the above questions for a visually aesthetic appeal. Take your time to define the visual description of your packaging design. Try to find elements that best resonates with the packaging design.

Your packaging design can be your brand identity is designed in the right way. Once you have built your identity, it is for a lifetime. It is not something which you can change after a few days. A consistent image will initiate the customer’s interest in your product and builds your credibility in the market.

When you look at the big brand, you will find that their packaging one thing is common that is consistency.  The brand remains consistent with the logo, colors, and identity. It will help the customers for easy identification of your other products in the market.

You really cannot determine how important the packaging is in marketing. It is like the combination of form and function presented in a beautiful design to attract customers. Custom display boxes are not just convincing customers to buy the product but they should also recommend your brand to others. The packaging is all about reaching a wider audience and gets more exposure.  Consider the marketing strategy carefully to get profitable results.

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