Ideas to try for retail display boxes

Ideas to try for retail display boxes

2020-04-28 06:51:09

Retail packaging is always the key to attract customers and to drive more sales. Researches show that most of the purchase decisions are based on the product packaging and it usually happens at the spot. What we are trying to say is that brands should customize retail display boxes to get the best out of your product. When it comes to selling your product in physical stores, customers are highly visual and pick the visually appealing product. No doubt, every brand work hard on the production of high-quality product but few brands work on its packaging.

Custom display boxes in retail stores are becoming the center of attention due to many reasons. Firstly, they perfectly showcase the product and result in immense buying. Secondly, the place of the boxes is usually on the counter shelves and at the checkout points where customers can easily view the product. So, if you are still thinking, you don't need to design the display boxes creatively or you just don't need these boxes, you are on the wrong track. Follow our tips below to customize the boxes in a unique way.

Something less is always more

While designing packaging for retail display, it is important to deliver the message in the right way. A minimalist approach is the best technique for in-store displays. You must have heard about the KISS principle used in the packaging industry. Don't make your boxes an over-crowded place; it can distract customers from the actual product and they can't keep focus. So, only make the necessary elements the part of your packaging solution. Leaving some blank space while printing your logo and other information will help to convey product value. If you don't want customers to think that your product is low-quality, use a few design elements in the packaging.

Use typography to tell customers about your product

If your customers have to now a more bit about your product, you should provide all the information in unique typography. Typography is a good idea to explain to customers about the product. Whether you are selling cosmetics or deterrents, your packaging should have all the info which consumers need while using the product. Starting from the product images and going all way to the expiration date, every piece of information is necessary according to the rules of good packaging design. It will let customers know whether a certain product is suitable for them or not.

Make use of technology in your packaging

Customer's perspective about the packaging is changing with the time, they are demanding for smart packaging solutions based on the latest technology. When everything in the world is being digitized, you must incorporate technology into the packaging design. Times are changing and your packaging should also. Many brands are using barcodes on the product boxes so customers can access the information at the spot by scanning the bars. But new technologies are coming and brands are shifting towards using smart chips in the boxes which are also scan-able. 3D printing is another latest trend to follow for retail packaging design.

Design seasonal packaging boxes

Seasonal retail displays are a great way to grab the attention especially when you are seeing low sales. Keep track of the holiday dates and make sure that the product packaging design should match the celebrations. For Christmas and New Year season, many brands change the design to match the theme. You will see most of the products on shelves packed in red and green color boxes or with different Christmas elements. The unique your seasonal packaging will be, the more it will be impossible for the customer to miss it. There are a lot of holiday seasons in the western world and you have to grab every opportunity.

Consider recycling

Recycling-the process of creating something new with used or old material. It can ultimately help you to create the out of box packaging for retail. Don't get me wrong; you still need the production of new display boxes. But there are many examples of big brands that are recycling the old pre roll counter display boxes to design the new ones. If you are using recycled boxes, mention it in bold typography. It is a smart tactic to get customer attention in the crowd and also make you stand out. Be an eco-friendly brand and fulfill your responsibility towards the earth by using cardboard counter display boxes.

Encourage customers to interact with the product

A recent survey showed that most of the customers prefer retail shopping instead of online purchase. The main reason is that they can touch and feel the product in actual. Viewing a product in person is a whole different thing than viewing it on the screens. As a retail brand, design packaging which motivates customers to have a closer look at the product by holding it in their hand. If your products are on the shelves in the standard boxes, you are missing a big chance to communicate with customers. So, always choose customized packaging solutions for retail boxes with eye-catching design elements.

When competing in the retail industry is getting tougher day by day, there is no space for dull and boring packaging boxes. If nothing is working in your favor, changing your retail packaging might help. You must work hard on the design of retail packaging, display boxes, counter displays, and pre roll display boxes to encourage customers for the purchase.

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