How to Start a Printed Packaging Business with Zero Investment

How to Start a Printed Packaging Business with Zero Investment

2020-01-20 10:40:01

The printing industry can never perish. It existed since prehistoric times. It is one of the essential tools for humanity for communication of thoughts, ideas, and emotions. When this communication is combined with packaging, the scale and its power become cosmic. It is so because the modern lifestyle cannot even be imagined without printed packaging.

It is something that shapes the culture of different societies, raises their standards of living, and change lives. It is one of the greatest gifts of the industrial age, and still flourishes as the economies of different countries grow with the growing businesses. The printing and packaging industry flourishes with the ever-increasing economies because every product requires some printing and packaging.

According to recent modern surveys, the life cycle of products is becoming shorter and shorter as customers are looking for new and improved means to search for products that would satisfy their needs. Trends like these are gold mines for selling printed boxes innovative and ever-changing products.

You can start a printing and packaging business with no startup cost; if this seems unbelievable, have a read.

Be a Problem Solver

A problem solver is someone who delivers value and relives people who are being annoyed by some problem. Offering them a convenient option. But, remember always put delivery of value before money, because there is no business if there are no satisfied customers or clients.

Many outstanding examples of people who succeeded by solving problems are laid around us Travis Kalanick, and Garret Camp started Uber when they had trouble finding a cab for their commute.

Steve Jobs launched the iPod when he found significant flaws in the mp3 players of that time. The lack of satisfactory user experience.

History is filled with such stories. In the packaging and printing industry as an entrepreneur, you should have an innovative mind, always welcoming new ideas to make the lives of people better.

Attend Trade Shows, Conferences, and Industrial Events

To get acquainted with the pace of technology, you should attend packaging and printing events such as the "National Print Owners Association Conference" held in Houston, Texas. Such activities are a great way to network with people and to find people who can mentor you to become more productive.

These events also hold workshops and presentations that allow opportunities for budding business people like you to hone in with your skills and learn new skills that will become useful in running businesses and maximizing the chances of your success.

These industrial events allow you to expand your social network and bring home new ideas and tools that will be helpful for you to start your printing and packaging adventure.

Conferences like these are also a great source of motivation. You bring back inspiration when you find exciting things to learn and meet people who have succeeded already in what you are going to do. You can brainstorm, keeping these inspirations in mind, and come up with something new that would serve you even better.

Get a Sleeping Partner

You can have a partnership in your would-be packaging and printing business. The reason being that it is one of the easiest ways of having funds. Businesses cannot breathe without cash flows, and having an investor as your partner can secure the finances of your future company. If you have high-in-demand skills that are relevant to your venture and you can provide proof of those skills, you can very quickly get a partner who can provide a capital amount for you’re to start with when he understands the idea you have come up.

You can search within your network to find a co-founder or a sleeping partner that can fund your project. When you examine your connections in your network, they may refer you to other people, and this will help you widen your network and to get a contact that is willing to invest funds in your project.

Get Help from Family

There have been many successful entrepreneurs that have succeeded with the help of their family and friends. You can ask for funding from them in return for a stake in the company. As an example, you may ask for $15000 from one of your relatives in the performance of 5% in profit. Many big companies were founded with the help of family and friends, and it is still a reason for existence behind many flourishing startups.

Government Business Funding

Governments on local, state, and federal levels have programs that offer to fund small businesses in the form of loans with low interest, venture capital, and grants.

Most companies are not eligible, and they do not find anything, but you can give it a try.


It is one of the hottest ways of getting funding from the Internet, and many successful businesses of all sizes have emerged from crowdfunding. The reason being that you can enjoy the comfort of your home and run an online campaign on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc.

This way of fundraising is not only proven and useful, but it also produces brand awareness and allows you to get feedback on your business or products. As a crowdfunding strategy, you can raise higher funds and in a shorter period by promising offers in beautiful gift boxes and secure future customers. So the benefits of raising funds online through this method not only put funds in your hand, but they also do a lot more.

When you are starting a new packaging and printing business, you will go through many hurdles and face many problems and find many strategies. You need to have interpersonal skills like courage, patience, and determination to succeed in this arena. All the entrepreneurs had qualities like these before they became successful.

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