How to save money with soap boxes?

How to save money with soap boxes?

2020-04-07 09:56:51

The soap industry is growing at a fast rate as more and more brands are entering this business. Apart from producing a quality product, your soap boxes should also be well-designed to stand out in the crowd. Most of the brands are afraid of the packaging cost and that's why to compromise on the product boxes. But it is not the ultimate solution; you should look for ways to reduce the cost.

Here are some ways which can help you to cut the cost and make the packaging more affordable.

Be simple

Simple packaging is the best way to reduce the cost. You can still win the customer’s heart with a minimal design. It is one of the top packaging trends in the industry at present. Instead of printing and customization, you can simply choose custom soap boxes with a window to make a strong impact on your customers. A simple box in a solid color with your logo is also a simple way to stand out.

Reduce the size of your boxes

There are many ways which can help you to cut the cost by choosing the exact size boxes. Make sure that you are using the right box size for your product. Extra packaging material will only add the cost and also contribute to the waste. Measure your product dimensions to determine the packaging you need. You can save cost per unit, reduce your shipping price, and also the per unit printing cost.

Doing research is important

Research can play an important role in saving costs. It should be your step before starting the packaging process. Have a look at the packaging of the most popular and least popular soap products. It will let you know what you should do and what you should avoid. Also, take feedback on your ideal customers to know about their needs. It will give you the best result and let you save money in the long run.

Take steps to prevent damage

Damaged products most probably result in a customer's disappointment or the form of returns. So, make sure that your products are properly packed and shipped. Moreover, you need to build a strong relationship with customers. So, they buy from you again and again. There are two main reasons for damaged products; bad packaging and poor shipping. You need to overcome both to avoid the issue of returns.

Choose green packaging solution

Nowadays, almost all customers demand green packaging but still, some are less choosy about it. But eco-friendly boxes are good for the environment. These boxes leave zero harmful effects on the environment and also have a good impact on our bottom line. Adding a green element in your soap packaging helps to reduce the waste by recycling and reusing the box. Eco-friendly material is not only naturally bio-degradable but also comes at a reasonable price.

Avoid over-packaging

The biggest reason for the high cost in packaging boxes is over packing. It is not as useful as you may think and can be a turn-off for many customers. People are more concerned than before about environmental waste. Packaging a bar of soap should not take more than a simple box and a shrink wrap or any other stuff to wrap the bar. Environment lover will most likely to purchase your product.

Ask an expert

If you are planning to do the packaging design on your own, it is better to consult the expert regarding the soap packaging boxes or custom cereal box packaging. It may seem an additional cost to you but it is better than ending up in failure. It is much better to invest in the right place than repeating the whole packaging process again and again. Consulting can provide you the best advice.

Invest in testing

Whether you are 100% sure of your packaging, it is better to invest in testing. You can do the test run by introducing the small run of your boxes in the market. Some vendors also offer a small run of 100 boxes. So, brands can test out their design. It will help you to know what customers like about the packaging and what makes them overlook your product.

Buy at wholesale

You can end up saving a good cash amount when you buy your soap packaging boxes in bulk. It means the big you order, the big you save.  It is a smart money saver technique. So, it is important to build good relations with suppliers. But the sad thing is that it is not good for the small or home-based soap business. Wholesale purchase benefits big brands more.

Chose a good packaging manufacturer

The last and final step of cutting the extra cost is to choose a flexible packaging manufacturer. A good packaging company will provide you with the best price, various ranges of boxes, and provides you affordable customization. You can feel relaxed knowing there is someone who is taking care of all your packaging needs. Many companies offer a pretty good discount on a large order and also charge less shipping.

Whether you are packaging soap or cereal boxes, always make sure that the packaging cost should not exceed the overall product cost. That’s why we have asked to choose a flexible manufacturer or packaging company whose main concern is not just making money, but also give the best advice for your product and branding.

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