How to make your Custom Packaging Unique?

How to make your Custom Packaging Unique?

2019-12-11 09:54:20

When you have a product you definitely would be needing custom packaging with it. There a rare few products that can be marketed in a bare form, without packaging like soaps. But most of the goods we buy come in packaging and sell because of their packaging.

There is no secret formula to make your packaging unique and make it stand out from the crowd. A neat box for your product will make your product stand out.

There are several ways you can accomplish the task of making your product as it had been descended from Heaven.

Hire the Best Packaging Consulting Team Ever

If you want to have the best packaging for your product then you are moving in the right direction. This is a task that a very well versed packaging expert team can accomplish. Therefore you have to give them away by expressing what you have in your mind and ask for their opinion and listen to them. A good team will advise you the following.

Make the Packaging Simplistic

Don't be afraid of simplicity for your packaging. A simple thing is readily picked up by the human mind. And as you go along it can identify your product in no time. Simplistic packaging can be more powerful than you may think.

Account for the Unboxing Experience

Give extra attention to detail when you add the unboxing experience. If you do not have planned for one then reconsider your plan. The unboxing experience is one of the most effective techniques to retain a customer for a long period. The customers become loyal and come back to buy your products again and again till the product lifecycle lasts.

Compliment the Product Inside

Compliment the product inside with your packaging. The packaging has to compensate for the product inside the confines of the outer layer we call packaging. Sometimes this can be done very effectively with a see-through packaging that gives the product a unique look. The two has to merge in and give the impression of oneness as a product.

Utilize Patterns

The patterns on the outer side of the packaging should be revealing and elaborate. It should highlight the product. It is a technique that has been long used to make the overall product more prolific. Patterns can be of many types. Most of the time it is found to be the type of repeating images.

Add a little Paly fullness

If you get a chance to become playful with packaging. Take it by all means. Make sure that the patterns outside of the packaging interacts with the content inside in a playful manner as in custom packaging bags. The playfulness is effective in products that are intended towards children. So, you should come up with the proper segmentation to use this technique effectively.

Colorful Boldness

You can put colors in the packaging in many different ways and never be afraid of adding colors in unusual ways. Because sometimes the colors can become a trigger or a domino effect to attract sales.  On the same note, never be afraid of doing experimentations with color. If something does not work as expected, change it and come up with something new and measure it and make the next decision to reject it or keep it. This is how marketing works. But beware, everything in organizations is done with a budget, so be sure to stay within a budget and keep on working on coming up with demands and solutions that your market needs.

Some people think that you do not need to brand cardboard boxes if they are not for retail. You should think again. Because if they are going to be seen or handled by people it should be branded. This is what the big companies do and this what marketing principles say.

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