How to label your lip balm boxes properly?

How to label your lip balm boxes properly?

2019-12-12 10:53:29

It can be confusing and difficult to label your packaging boxes properly especially when customers put a lot of attention to little details. Right labeling will help to sell your lip balm boxes in retail stores more confidently. While designing a label, there is so much to consider from product name to the bar codes. What information you choose to put on and how it will be applied play a key role in perfect labeling.
Below is a short guide to label lip balm products and other beauty products also. Here we will discuss only the basics key factors but there is lot more to know which you can find in our other blog posts.

Some of the basics of product labeling

List of the ingredients: Custom lip balm packaging labels should have all the ingredients listed. The order of the list should be from most used to least used. You can also mention the coloring ingredient at the end of list. If you don’t now there is rue to follow for labeling your packaging and it is called INCI. There are different editions; it is wise to use the latest one. But remember all the ingredients should be in readable font and rightly spelled. If the information is hard to read, customers will prefer other brand.

Quantity: The quantity of all the ingredients is important to mention on the packaging boxes. Nowadays, people carefully read all the details because they are allergic to some chemical. If a certain element is in large quantity and you don’t mention it on the boxes, it can be a threat to someone health. So, always be careful about your brand reputation and customer’s well-being. Lip balm is a solid product so you can mention the quality in weight. Also mention the weight of the whole product. The back and bottom of the box is a nice place to put this information.

Manufacturers of the product: Another essential thing to mention is the name of the brand name that made the product and their physical address. Don’t mention street no in the address sit is against rule. If you want you can also mention the site address and social media handles. It will help to build an association with customers on personal level as they will be able to contact you easily. You can get customer’s feedback easily on social media and can also read your product review.

Product description: Make sure that customers know the exact benefits of the product. If you put only the lip balm name and its ingredients, the information is not enough. You should also mention the unique benefits your product will offer. The scent information, moisturizing benefits and other properties will give customers the idea whether the certain product is right for them or not. Adding taglines like “heal cracked lips’ or “get soft lips” can help to target ideal customers. Don’t exaggerate your product by labeling not so true benefits.

The above is the some basics of labeling your product information in the right way. Now you can take your first step and design an awesome custom retail packaging for your beauty product. Always remember to be honest and authentic about listing your product information. It will help you to win customer’s trust.

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