How to Get Creative While Designing Kraft Boxes

How to Get Creative While Designing Kraft Boxes

2020-06-19 08:23:31

Depending on the type of the product you are planning to package, there are number of design ideas by which you can make your product stand out. Designs of the packaging are as important as the material, or any other important thing for marketing of product. Customers look at the packaging or box before looking at the product, therefore it has immense importance and must be taken seriously. When we talk about the Kraft boxes for packaging, their design must be catchy enough to get the customer attention at the stores. It is also true that Kraft material look rough and not as shiny as cardboard or rigid material but still you can make its design vibrant enough to gain sales for you. Below are some important design suggestions that can make your Kraft packaging look great.

Give modern twist to your boxes

When you are packaging your product in custom boxes, you must ensure that your printing can play role more than your expectations. You must select bright labels with your company name on it to that can lend to design creatively. It will keep the box look simple but still the colors will drive the customers to see and buy the product from that box. You can pack soaps, bath bombs, cosmetics and even apparel products in boxes like these because this design will suit on small box packaging rather than on very big packages.

Use ribbons and laces

Kraft packaging boxes have brown or white color as they are pretty different from the cardboard boxes. Therefore, when the gifts are packed inside these boxes, it gets difficult to decorate them exactly how you want. Ribbons and laces allows you to add the vibe of a gift into the package and make it eye catching. So if you sell gift items on your store, you can get colorful ribbons and stylish laces and bind them on the boxes. It will add to the beauty of the box and will trigger the chances of sales for the manufacturer of the product.

Customize different shapes and styles for boxes

Customization allows you to make any kind of style and shape of the boxes and it is your hands to make them extra ordinary through your creativity. Not only the printing design can be creative, it also depends on the structural design of the boxes to bring uniqueness and a touch of elegance in the appearance of the whole package. Therefore, you must check different shapes and styles that can be made for your product packaging. Some of the shapes and styles are as under.

  • Pillow shape boxes
  • Gable boxes
  • Die cut window boxes
  • Round boxes

Pillow shape boxes

As the name depict, pillow boxes are made in the shape of pillow that is very different from the other packaging boxes. These boxes are perfect for the packaging of edible gifts including chocolates, candies and cookies. Pillow boxes are also used for the jewelry and are made with white Kraft material which amplify their beauty. The best thing about the Kraft pillow boxes is that they are not very expensive and are easily available. Many bath & body products manufacturers also manufacture these boxes to keep soap bars and other small products. When the pillow boxes are placed on the retail shelves, they immediately grab customer attention and helps in making sales for the retailers.

Gable boxes

Gable shape boxes made of Kraft material are unique in packaging industry just like the pillow boxes. They are large in size and are used for prolific presentation of the products. The boxes are made with Kraft material and used for take away food as well as for fast food. These boxes are added with the handle on top that allow the customers to carry food easily to their home. Unlike the other packaging boxes, the gable boxes are tall, accommodating and wide in shape that allows them to get customer attention quickly at the stores. Gable shape boxes are printed with bright colors which make the first choice of the kids to see inside and to buy the products inside them.

Round boxes

Round boxes have round base and are made with special techniques and equipment. These boxes look special, different and have the ability to make an impact on the customers. They are made for stationery, cakes, and for other products that needs good presentation. Mostly cardboard material is used for making of round boxes but they are also made in Kraft for the packaging of hats and other wearable. The basic purpose of making round boxes is to get a unique structure of box to make the item stand out.

Window boxes

Die cut window boxes are very common these days especially for the food packaging. Various companies used these boxes to create unique and special packaging of their product. Windows are created by die cutting the boxes and adding the transparent patch which allows the onlooker to get sneak peek inside the box. They can easily take the decision of buying a certain product by watching inside the die cut boxes through window.

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