How to design the perfect candle boxes?

How to design the perfect candle boxes?

2019-12-11 10:49:24

Candles are used almost in every household. People usually blow candles to lighten the dark, on a special occasion or as decoration pieces. You can also give it as a gift. In recent years, the market has seen an increased demand for candles. Customers mostly relay on packaging while buying their product and same goes for candles. So, brands are trying their best to come up with a unique packaging design for their candle boxes.

Being in the market and as a brand, you must know the importance of the packaging to stand out in the competition. You cannot just win the race with dull and plain packaging. Custom packaging boxes provide an ultimate solution to all your packaging needs. Custom boxes are the best way to showcase our candles in stores and online. These boxes are not only appealing but also provide safety.

To make your candle brand successful, you cannot compromise on product packaging. It has to be perfect in all ways. If you don’t know from where to get a start, have a look at a guide to design the perfect candle packaging.

Focus on being attractive

Attractive packaging has more chances of being observed by more than half of the customers. The more you make your candle packaging appealing the more it will get sold. Choose white or natural colors for your packaging boxes. Always opt for minimal design. In trying to be attractive, don’t complicate the design with patterns and bold colors. Simple design always works for natural products like candles.

Choose high-quality material

The candle is a fragile item and has more chance of melting or being damaged. So, bands should opt for a packaging solution that provides maximum protection. Materials like cardboard and corrugated are preferable for candle containers. Cardboard boxes provide protection against heat, damage and other environmental factors. Choose the box that keeps wax from melting and the candles should not lose its shape.

You need to stand out

There are hundreds and thousands of types of candles presented in the market. With so many brands, the competition in the market has increased. The simple and easy way to differentiate your brand from the crowd is the product packaging. With personalized candle containers, you can build your unique identity. It can be your logo or your brand color or a simple image. These elements will help customers to recognize your brand for future purchases.

Promote your brand

Candles packaging with the logo is essential to maintain brand loyalty and to tell customers who are behind the high-quality product. Printed boxes will help to market your product at no cost. A simple logo or brand name can make it happen for you. Candles are often presented as gifts and are used at parties. At these occasions, candle packaging will be seen by a wider audience and will promote the brand.

How your product will sell?

Are you going to sell candles in e-stores or it will have a place on the shelves? Before starting the design process, determine how your product will get sold. If you are going for retail stores, the boxes should provide easy stacking and should be unique enough to grab attention. For online stores, an attractive and appealing design will work.

Go green

Last but not the least factor of candle packaging is sustainability. If you are not aiming for an eco-friendly, be ready for a big disaster. Customers are becoming environmentally conscious and want to know the effect of products. Kraft paper is the best option for recyclable packaging. It is recyclable and you can reuse it many times. Another way is to encourage customers to reuse the boxes or return these to the company.

Custom candle packaging helps to attract maximum attraction and to boost your sales. You can also use candle containers as cosmetic packaging boxes. Get your customized candles packaging now to make a lasting impression on customers.

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