How to Design Killer Packaging for Cosmetic Boxes?

How to Design Killer Packaging for Cosmetic Boxes?

2020-08-03 08:26:04

The beauty and cosmetic industry is growing at a fast pace. Brands are making a huge profit daily by producing high-quality products. There are big brands in the cosmetic market that have established their name by working hard. That's reason small and new brands have to face a lot of challenges to draw customers towards their products. But it doesn't mean that there is no business potential for the newcomers. Packaging of Cosmetic Boxes has made it easy for the smaller brands to take the nice slice from the market. Cosmetic packaging is a unique selling point that can give you unbelievable results.

When there is fierce competition in the market, it is sometimes tricky to draw customers around your brand and the product. It is tricky but not impossible. No matter you are selling cosmetic products in the stores or using the online platform, a well-designed packaging solution can do wonders for you. Gone are the days when the only thing matters to the customers are the quality of the product. Customers becoming more and more aware of the custom packaging, and that's why the demand for customized packaging boxes is increasing.

Designing killer cosmetic packaging boxes is not everyone’s game. There are many factors involved in the process. Before you dive in and starts the designs, here are some fundamentals to know about the packaging design of the cosmetic products.

Don’t forget about the ideal customers

The first and foremost step is defining the customers. No matter which product you are selling it is crucial to know the ones you are designing for. Ask yourself who is your targeted audience? Are they teenage girls who are looking for a glittery eye shadow? Are they the women who want to keep everything nice and simple? Are they the men who want a tough yet fair skin? Once you know who your ideal customers are and what they look into packaging, it will be a lot easier to design the cosmetic box according to them. So, always do your research and get feedback from the customers every time you introduce a new product in the market.

Knowing your brand is important

Brand identity is as important as your customer identity. The cosmetic packaging revolves around three things; customers, brand, and the product. What is your brand personality? What colors define your brand? What fonts should you use? Which imagery or graphics goes with the brand image? Try to find the answer to the mentioned questions before starting the design process.  The personality you want to portray as a brand will help you to decide the design elements for the cosmetic boxes wholesale. Is your brand dark and bold? Do your brand support the KISS principle? Do you want to show the luxurious side? Are you going to be vintage? You need to define who you are as a brand to choose the right elements.

Select a central point for the design

Once you get to know the customer and brand personality, it is time to choose the focal point for the cosmetic packaging design. When customers look at your product packaging, they should instantly get the message you want to deliver. It should instantly capture the customer's attention when they move on to the next product on the shelf. Choose one thing which you want your customers to know about. If you want your customers to know about the brand, your logo should be at the center and front. If you want to show off that you are an eco-friendly brand, your packaging design should focus on it. Choosing one element will help to deliver the message in the right way.

Choosing the right material and printing method

Cosmetics are as delicate as one's skin and brands should not compromise on product protection. When it comes to cosmetic box, there are so many options available. From cardboard to corrugate to the Kraft, you can choose any according to the product requirements. The more delicate your product is, the more secure packaging you need. Not only the protection, keep the sustainability factor in mind while choosing the packaging material. Another thing to decide is the printing method. The choice mostly depends on your budget. The more you will invest, the better you will get. To give your cosmetic packaging specific look and feel, incorporate special finishing options.

Choose the right packaging designer

When it comes to designing the packaging, there are two things that you can do. You can either go for a DIY option or you can simply hire a professional. The first option is all about doing things by yourself. If you want to choose the DIY due to the low budget but don't have any designing background, you should ignore it and go for the second one. Cosmetic packaging is important for the success of the business. It is not the right place to cut the corners. Hiring a professional may cost you more but the result will be worth investing for. Many packaging companies provide affordable services and there are many freelancers too.

Whether it is Candle Boxes or cosmetic packaging, following the above tips will help to get your product in front of the customers in the best possible way. When you present the right product in the right packaging, you will get a lot of opportunities to be successful.

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