How to design candy packaging for your brand?

How to design candy packaging for your brand?

2020-04-22 09:56:49

Candies are one of the most favorite sweets among the young and old ones. That's why brands always put their full effort into designing a unique candy packaging. There is a tough completion in the industry and it is not easy to stand out on the shelves. The main purpose of customizing the packaging is to make the boxes unique, attractive and appealing. There are different types of candies available and the packaging you choose depends on the product. Candy boxes are an ideal packaging solution so far but plain box and design won’t work.

Most of the candy brands rely on the cardboard boxes as it is ideally the best solution and we also agree on it. The cardboard is a durable material and prevents damage during shipping. To provide more product protection, we recommend using foils or custom inserts to ensure safety. Bubble and shrink wraps are also the best option to protect your products. Apart from safety, customers look for many other things in a packaging box. That's why we always say that keep the ideal customers in mind which designing the packaging of any product.

What customers want in candy boxes?

We cannot deny that customers care about the product packaging and look deeply into it before making the final purchase. Customers only take a few seconds to judge the quality of the product by its packaging. They don't only care about the aesthetic appeal of the boxes for candy packaging but also take the environment concern seriously. So, brands should focus on designing candy boxes that are not only appealing but also eco-friendly. Nowadays, people prefer brands that sell eco-friendly packaging and are willing to pay more for it.

A common disappointment which most of the customers face is finding a small stack of candies in unnecessarily large boxes. Most of the brands make this mistake and it can affect sales negatively. Large or extra packaging gives an impact of a large product. In reality, there are only a few candies in a big box. It can hurt your brand in two ways; first, you will disappoint the customers by giving the wrong impression and secondly unnecessary packaging means ore environmental waste which will hurt your brand image. People don't want the exaggerated design in the packaging, as a brand you should avoid it at all costs.

Customers not only want the packaging to be unique but it should also be green and should have fewer carbon footprints on the environment. Modern shoppers prefer the minimal and simple which is easy to understand. That's why the packaging standards are also changing in the candy market. Don't use plastic; try to find better alternatives like cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft. If you are an eco-friendly candy brand, show off it with your packaging. Print the recyclable sign on the boxes or just tell your customers that we are green in bold typography. In this way, you will get a positive response from customers which ultimately helps you to boost sales.

What brands should do to design effective packaging for candy boxes?

Designing effective packaging is not rocket science; there are few things that you need to keep in mind to appeal to customers. The phrase "It is inside that matters" doesn't apply in the packaging industry. The inside and outside of the boxes should complement each other for an eye-catching design. Packing your sweet caramel candies in plain brown boxes is not a good idea. It can be cost-effective but it will affect your brand in the long run. So, brands should try to keep with the latest trends for the candy boxes.

First of all, you should choose high-quality material for the candy boxes. The material should be cost-effective, eco-friendly, and should also take printing well. If the outer look of the boxes is dull, customers will not give a second chance to it. We have already discussed the environmental concerns of the customers regarding the packaging boxes. The candy needs durable and strong packaging so it will not melt or get spoiled during the shipping. A good material choice can save you from a lot of serious issues. Compromising on the quality will cost you customer's disappointments, returns, negative reviews, and a bad brand image. We are sure no brand wants it so spending a little more is always worth it.

Like custom cereal packaging boxes, the packaging of your candy boxes should also be on point. Colors are the main part of the packaging design which evokes emotions. So, choose colors that complement your brand and the product in the best way. Moreover, the box should not have unnecessary text, images, and patterns on it. Don't make your packaging a rush, it will be hard for customers to understand the message you want to convey. So, for the design of the candy box, keep everything simple and minimal. Modern customers like a clear and simple approach regarding product packaging. Keep yourself in place of the ideal audience and then start the design process.

Whether you are designing cereal packaging or candy boxes, keep customer's needs and wants in mind. A customer's persona always helps you to do better. The right packaging is all about appealing aesthetics and product safety. With the right approach and design, you can easily make customers pick up your product in the crowd of brands.

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