How to Choose the Right Sleeve Boxes?

How to Choose the Right Sleeve Boxes?

2020-06-17 11:57:43

The demand for unique packaging is growing in the market. No matter what the brand or your niche is, it is no doubt that opting for a premium packaging box is crucial to survive in the market. According to recent research, about 70-80% of the brands work to improve their product packaging to cut the clutter. A well-designed packaging solution not only showcases the product perfectly but also fulfills your marketing needs in the market. When it comes to making the right packaging choice, there is no better option other than custom Sleeve Boxes.

Sleeve packaging is in the industry for decades but recent advancement has grown its popularity among the brands. Customization and personalization have changed customer perception about the packaging. That's why more and more brands prefer sleeve containers over other packaging boxes. It is the right option when you want to provide the ultimate experience to your customers. The boxes come in two parts; the sleeve is the upper part and the bottom one is a lid or tray. Sleeve packaging offers versatility, it comes in all sizes, shapes, and styles to meet the specific needs. In short, there are endless possibilities.

Once you know what kind of packaging you need for your product, it is time to take the right steps in choosing a perfect sleeve box. The below guide will provide you a step by step process to get the high-end custom tray and sleeve boxes in a cost-effective way.

Make your specifications clear & know your budget

The first step to get the perfect packaging box is to make your all requirements clear.  You should know your product packaging requirements, box quantity you will need, and what objective you want to achieve with the sleeve packaging. You will need all the information to request a quote from the manufacturer. Packaging specialist can guide what you need to modify in your requirements.

Knowing your budget is an important step that will shape the whole process. From selecting the packaging material to the additional options, you can finalize all the things once you know your scope. Choose a professional manufacturer which can help you to get the premium sleeve packaging box within your budget.

Choose the right box from different styles

When it comes to the packaging style of sleeve boxes, there are a lot of options available. From the die-cut to the sleeve tray boxes, you can choose the right style according to your product requirements. The most famous among all is the tray and sleeve boxes. The style helps you to create suspense. The tray slides out for the product presentation and the sleeve covers the product. It will provide an appealing look to make your stand out on the shelves. The custom shape and structure of sleeve boxes give you a competitive edge.

Determine the box dimensions

Once you have picked the right style of sleeve packaging boxes, it is time to determine the box dimensions. Not only the length and width of the boxes but you also need to calculate the internal dimensions of the bottom part. The box should hold the product without leaving the waste space.  Choosing the right size box is important to keep the product safe and protected. To keep the overall cost low, try to keep the size of the box small. It also helps to reduce packaging waste and allow you to be sustainable.

Choose the right design elements

Whether it is large gable boxes or the sleeve packaging, the customized design is important to make a lasting impact on customers. You need to choose the right design elements for your sleeve box. From choosing the logo to the packaging colors, everything needs to be on point and should complement your product. Always try to make your brand part of the packaging solution, include a sense of luxury, play with colors, and make it convenient for the customers. The design elements provide an extra boost to the customer experience.

Consider different additional options

Additional options are there to give your sleeve packaging boxes an extra edge. When it comes to designing luxury and high-end packaging box, you need to make use of special finishing options. Different finishing boxes help to provide an eye-catching and impactful appeal to an ordinary sleeve box. Foil stamping, UV coating, matte lamination, and gold stamping are some of the best finishing options for the custom boxes. Brands are also making use of textured paper to stand out on the shelves.

Working with the right manufacturer is important

When it comes to choosing the right packaging company, try to never compromise. If you have to pay a little extra, it will be worth investing in. Do your research before making the final decision and check their past projects to get the best idea. When you work with professionals, they guide you at every step of the process especially when you want a premium sleeve packaging for your products. Investing in this department can make a bit difference to the result.

In the end, the main purpose of choosing the right packaging box is to provide the ultimate experience to customers. Kraft Gable Boxes and sleeve packaging are some unique solutions that can help to get the customer's attention and loyalty. With the above guide, you will be able to get the right type of sleeve packaging.

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