How to choose the right cardboard box for your needs?

How to choose the right cardboard box for your needs?

2019-12-13 12:51:29

A box is more than a way to deliver goods to your customers. It’s not just a box anymore. When it comes to a packaging or shipping box, it has a high market value. A box should have a form and function, so your item will remain intact during the shipping process. When it comes to choosing the perfect box, you have to make the right decision. Itaffects the customer's perception of your brand and whether they will recommend you to their friends or not. So, choose custom cardboard boxes to make the first impression favorable for you.

It is right to say that cardboard boxes are becoming the top choice in the packaging industry. Cardboard boxes for shipping are specifically made to fit any product. There is a variety of options available in these boxes. From small to large cardboard boxes, there are endless possibilities. These boxes allow the digital print on the walls, which makes it a cheap marketing channel. These boxes are strong, durable and also the cost is not much higher. By using cardboard boxes wholesale you can get exactly what you want. At custom packaging pro, cardboard boxes for sale are available. We provide boxes which are functional, practical, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Cardboard boxes for sale-A guide to purchasing custom cardboard boxes

When it comes to choosing the right cardboard box, many things count it. From choosing the perfect size to the colors or anything you want in the box matters. There are many options available in cardboard boxes for sales, so you have to do your homework first.
Here are some tips to follow before placing your order for cardboard boxes:

Choose the right size for your cardboard packaging

Every packaging company offers cardboard boxes for sale in different sizes. But you should not forget the practical side of packaging while buying custom cardboard boxes.  Your product should perfectly in the box. You should know your product size and box size as well. Sometimes you need one size box or sometimes different sizes of box. It all depends on what you are selling. Leaving some void space in the box will help in inner packaging. To get the right side of the box, test your product in different boxes.

Get the right style of retail cardboard boxes

Once you have chosen the perfect size of your box, it’s time to choose the right style.  The style of cardboard box should meet the need of product, brand identity and your budget.  Take the inspiration from everywhere. Different styles are available in cardboard boxes for sale. From regular slotted boxes to full overlap containers to half slotted, there are plenty of options available to choose from.  Besides style, also choose the design carefully which you want to print on the boxes. Spend a little can give your customers a high-end feeling.

Identify your budget while buying cardboard containers

Your packaging budget will always depend on what you need.  Some say you should spend 3% of the product price on your packaging but that’s not a thumb rule.  Your budget can vary depending upon the requirements. Custom cardboard boxes are readily available and cost effective as well. Your budget mostly depends on how many boxes you need and what design you prefer. Also, many packaging companies provide cardboard boxes for sale at wholesale price. In the end, if your budget is tight you can still come up with a creative cardboard box design.

Recognize what cardboard boxes can do for you

A uniquely designed cardboard box can do wonders for you. Custom packaging and its design can cost you little. But using custom packaging can provide you with lots of benefits. Here are some to count

  • Custom cardboard can help to save money
  • The eco-friendly benefit will draw in more customers
  • The reusability factors will result in higher brand recall
  • Customers will repurchase due to the premium packaging
  • The durability of the boxes will keep your product safe
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