How pillow boxes are a unique packaging solution?

How pillow boxes are a unique packaging solution?

2020-06-19 11:56:46

When people think differently for a certain thing, they try to think something special. Likewise, when you think about packaging for a certain product, you think of special shapes, style and design of the boxes for your product. Depending on the dimension of your product, you can think deeply and come up with a new design suggestion to end up creating a unique packaging. What if you can get a unique shape of box without thinking too much? Yes, that is possible and Pillow Boxes can work for you as a unique packaging solution easily. Unlike the ordinary tuck end boxes, pillow shaped boxes have an unorthodox shape that is stylish, new and adorable. People love to see things packed in them and want to pick them from the retail store. Some products for which pillow packaging is used are as under.

Shirts & wearable

Almost all the apparel products are packed inside cardboard and Kraft boxes. Manufacturers always want their boxes to be special and unique so that they can get customers attention on the store. Also, when the products are sent to the customers through shipping, manufacturers want to impress the customers with the packaging. This is why pillow packaging is used in the apparel industry and shirts, undergarments and other wearable are packed in them. Shirts have small, medium and large sizes and for them same sizes of packaging boxes are made that help in marketing and uplift the product appeal. Many apparel brands use pillow packaging to promote their new arrival shirts in the market by displaying them at the display of the store. As a result, they get the customers attention and can easily sell their new arrival stuff.

Gifts & Favors

Gifts are special for everyone and who does not want to surprise friends and loved ones with fabulous gifts on birthdays and Christmas. Pillow packaging is widely used for decorating gift items in a fantastic way because its stylish shape add to the glamour and aura your gifts need. It provides more room to include add-ons like laces, bows and other embellishments that can amplify the beauty of the gifts. This is the reason why pillow packaging is so famous for the packing of gifts and favors.

Gifts are usually given to friends and loved ones on special occasions. Mainly on events like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and New year the  pillow gift boxes are printed with the theme of the event. Red and white theme is optimal for Christmas gift packaging, whereas for Halloween, black pillow packaging is used that goes with the theme of the event. That is why, number of companies distribute gifts and promotional items on events using pillow packaging boxes because of their impactful outlook.

Jewelry products

Jewelry items are elegant and sensitive for which stylish packaging is chosen that can reflect the high quality of the product. This is why pillow packaging is used for display of jewelry items like necklace, pendants and other decorative bangles. By displaying them in white pillow packaging boxes, you can get customers attention immediately and can stand out from the other products displayed on the jewelry store. Unlike the rigid jewelry boxes that are accommodating and special, cardboard pillow packaging is lightweight and perfect to showcase small jewelry items. This is why many jewelry brands use cardboard boxes of pillow shape for their products.

Chocolates and candies

Chocolates and candy manufacturers always look to get the attention of kids with their products. This is because their products are sweet and children like to have them no matter what. When attractive packaging boxes are made for candies and chocolate bars, they automatically want to touch and eat sweets from the display. Pillow shaped boxes are stylized and decorated with colorful embellishments to attract the younger ones. These boxes are printed with logo and brand taglines to give treats to kids for promoting new chocolates. They do not harm the taste of any edible and even increase the lifetime of retail food products.

Soap bars

There are plenty of soap bars that are packed inside tuck end boxes. Some brands that sell luxury soaps look for luxury packaging and pack their soaps inside pillow shaped boxes. It helps the brand to make their soaps worth more and give better presentation. These soap boxes are usually designed for beauty bars and face soaps that are used as cosmetics. Pillow packaging is opted for many other body and bath items that need attractive boxes. They are printed, and topped up with striking finishing options like gloss, matte and gold foiling that gives an amazing outlook to product.

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