How much do custom lipstick boxes wholesale cost?

How much do custom lipstick boxes wholesale cost?

2019-12-12 09:45:42

In the cosmetic market, a high-quality product packed in high-quality packaging is the need of the hour. But for the quality you have to pay something; sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less.  If you are a lipstick brand, designing unique and creative custom lipstick boxes wholesale is all about investing equal effort, time and money. Money has the power of designing an outstanding package. You cannot control how much you will spend on the packaging. But it is important to know how much cosmetic packaging costs.

You cannot deny it that packaging has a major role to play for your business. It should be your top priority but the hidden cost can make it to the bottom of the list. It doesn't mean that you have to be a big brand to get a custom lipstick box. Custom packaging cost less than you think. But one cannot provide an estimated cost as it depends on the box you want and the product needs.

If you ask someone the cost of a single packaging box, it is like asking the price of one lipstick. It depends on different factors and variables. You can start the process by giving the answers to the few questions.

What are you selling?

The most important question in determining the overall cost of the packaging; what are you putting in the boxes?? Are you going to showcase your lipstick in retail box or a display box or specially designed custom cosmetic boxes? It can make a huge difference in the estimated and the actual pricing. No matter what you choose, it should ensure that packaging should deliver quality and must protect the good. Here are some important points to consider.

  • If you are selling a high-end product, your packaging should also deliver quality and luxury
  • For a delicate item, you need to invest more on the inner packaging stuff
  • Choosing different sized boxes for all the products will add up to the cost

What are your branding needs?

Another factor which will determine the cost is how much will you spend on the branding process. For lipstick packaging, the box is usually small which means all elements will print in the small size. Printing a small logo will cost you less. But if you will cover the box sides with brand colors and/ taglines, you have to pay more. You can do it if you want to stand out on the shelves and want to compete in the crowded market.

What are the custom boxes and printing options?

You should now the need for your product to answer the above question. There are three main types of printing options for cosmetic packaging; litho, flexographic and digital. You will print images, text, and graphics on something which is the box.    `You will get many options regarding the box choice. You have three main options; Rigid boxes, folding cartons, and corrugated boxes. Order in bulk to save more and more.

At the start, you will feel that custom packaging is an expensive option for custom printed lip balm boxes and lipstick boxes. But it is not the actual case. If you think smartly and work with different custom options, you can have a cost-effective that will work for you.

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