How Gable boxes provide a perfect packaging solution?

How Gable boxes provide a perfect packaging solution?

2020-04-06 10:40:26

How Gable boxes provide a perfect packaging solution?

The packaging industry has changed a lot in the last few years. It is not the same as it is used to be 10 years ago. Brands are moving on from standard and plain packaging boxes. Now the packaging revolves around innovation, creativity, uniqueness, customization, and enhanced visual appeal. To design an exclusive packaging solution, you don't require a large budget or needs to be a big brand. Custom boxes are the game-changer in the industry and the best one among them is gable boxes.

Recently, there is much hype about the gable packaging boxes in the industry and it continues. The main reason for the popularity of the gable box is its unique and innovative style. These boxes provide the best packaging as takeaway, favor and part boxes. The box comes in hut shape with a handle on the top to carry your product around. Many famous brands are using Gable packaging boxes for food delivery, gift packaging, and advertising their business.

Gable box mostly comes in cardboard or Kraft. Both materials provide durability and ensure the safe delivery of your product. From small to large, you can get the boxes almost in every size. The square bottom with a triangular top makes your packaging eye-catching and attractive which ultimately increases your product sales. Here are some of the ways in which gable packaging boxes has the best packaging solution for your products.

Gable boxes are environment-friendly

Gable packaging boxes are eco-friendly; most brands prefer these over other solutions. Nowadays, customers are aware of the harmful effects of plastic packaging and that's why they are demanding a sustainable solution for product boxes. The gable box made of cardboard and Kraft are highly biodegradable and light in weight. It is a smart way to reduce the carbon footprints on the environment and it also cut your cost in the form of recycling.

They are economical

The raw material for the gable packaging boxes is cheap and easily accessible. So, if you looking for economical packaging, gable packaging boxes should be your choice. Kraft and cardboard gable boxes are the most affordable solution. If you can't afford the printing, you can go for minimal design. Get the box in white or black color with your logo. Buying in wholesale with further cut the packaging cost.

Provides easy customization

The prominent feature of gable packaging is that it allows easy customization and printing. Whether you want to add a window or just want a simple gold stamping or embossing of your logo, gable packaging boxes can do all.  You can print your message on it and can also add CTAs in bold typography. It depends on you and your creative mind. You can even use the box for round soap packaging ideas.

A perfect way for brand advertisement

We all know the role of packaging for the marketing and advertisement of the brand. That's why customization is the part of packaging boxes. Gable packaging boxes with your logo and other brand elements can be the real game-changer for you. Printing your logo on the front of the boxes will enhance your brand image and let customers know more about your business. Customers receiving their product in hut shaped boxes will also refer your brand to others.

It is a creative packaging solution

When it comes to being creative with packaging, what can be the best option other than a gable box? You can use the box for food delivery, unique wedding favors, creative gift boxes, and even for cake packaging. That's why brands consider gable packaging boxes as diversion solutions for all products. It is not just the size, now you can get a gable box in different shapes and styles. You can customize the box depending on the product.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal

Gable packaging boxes can add value to your product appeal. Whether you want to impress your customers or just want to stand out on the retail shelves, the packaging has the power to do it. A gable box in a solid plain color with a ribbon on top is enough to delight the buyers. You can opt for personalization according to your product ad customer's needs. But make sure the design should align with the product and brand.

Large gable boxes have much to offer

When we talk about the gable packaging boxes, the first image comes in mind is of a small cute box with a handle. Almost 80% of the people have this misconception about the boxes. But now the packaging industry has advanced so much that you can easily find the gable box in almost every size. That’s why large gable boxes are getting popular among customers and brands.

Large gable boxes wholesale are not just limited to flavors or food delivery, you can use them for goods transportation, retail packaging, and even for packing of a lot of bakery products. The design and shape of the gable packaging boxes are easily customizable along with the design. To provide the added protection, the packaging comes with a fence to ensure product safety.

Whether it is soap packaging or cosmetic packaging, Gable packaging boxes provide the perfect solution for all types of products. You will not regret your decision of investing in a unique yet innovative packaging solution. Impress your customers with perfectly designed gable packaging.

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