How custom tray and sleeve boxes are useful for your business?

How custom tray and sleeve boxes are useful for your business?

2019-12-13 10:08:33

When it comes to retail packaging, each product has its own packaging requirement.  Different styles of custom boxes are available but if you are looking for all in one solution, custom tray and sleeve boxes are the right choices to make. These boxes have something unique to offer with its convenient sleeve and double wall tray. You can use these boxes for different products like cookies, macrons, candles and many more.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes come with a convenient design. These boxes serve as one of the most functional and practical types of packaging. The tray holds the product and the sleeve provide the needed protection by covering it. Tray and Sleeve boxes are easy to handle, use and assemble. These boxes are an affordable option to pack multiple items in a single box. The sleek and unique style make these boxes stand out on the shelves. Moreover different customization and printing options make these boxes more attractive.

Reasons to get tray and sleeve boxes for your product

Custom tray and sleeve boxes are the top choices of retailers and customers for custom boxes wholesale. These boxes offer perfect packaging for all kind of products. These boxes have strong and durable material which protects the product. Also, the sleeve keeps the box from opening and deformation.  Tray and sleeve boxes are available in all sizes helping you to choose the perfect dimension for your product. You can modify these boxes according to your and product need.

Here are some solid reasons to use tray and sleeve boxes as your packaging solution

Make an impact on customers

When it comes to making a lasting impression on customers, you have to offer something unique and attractive. You only have 7 to 10 seconds to make the right impression.  In a retail store, hundreds of brands compete on the shelves to get the customer's attention.  Tray and sleeve boxes wholesale help you to attract more and more customers. The unique design of the boxes provides a stronger shelf impact and helps you to connect with customers.

Tray and sleeve boxes help to build brand identity

Unique tray and sleeve boxes can help you to build a unique brand identity. The sleeve of the box can make your logo POP and give your product more exposure. It will help customers to differentiate your product from others.  You can use the top or all sides of the sleeve to display your logo. It will result in higher visibility. You can also accommodate your brand color, tag line, company name or site address.  In this way, customers will remember your brand for the future.

Customization will help to draw attention

From plain to customized, tray and sleeve boxes are available in almost every design.  These boxes are available in all sizes. Nobody likes to have a dull or boring looking box while buying a quality product. By incorporating different colors, patterns, and text can turn a simple box into a piece of attraction.

Customization always comes with personalization. If you are selling a special product for special occasions like cakes or wedding favors, you can personalize the boxes. It will help you to connect with customers on a different level.

Influence customer's post-purchase behavior

Post-purchase behavior is an important part of the packaging. How customers will feel after unboxing and seeing the product? Will they come to you again and again?? The answer to the simple question lies in the product's packaging. Packaging will decide whether you are losing customers or gaining loyalty from them.
Custom tray and sleeve boxes provide durability by protecting the product. Your product will reach to customers in first class condition. Furthermore, the custom box is capable of inside and outside printing. You can customize the sleeve as well as a tray. It will provide a better unboxing experience. Including personal notes or small gifts also influence the post-purchase behavior of customers.

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